Commercial Tinting

Commercial window tinting stops heat, glare and damaging UV rays from entering your workspace, keeping you cooler for longer.


Residential Tinting

Residential window and glass tinting blocks solar heat out and prevents cool air from escaping, reducing your energy consumption and the amount you spend on your energy bills.


Frosted Privacy

In modern architecture, glass has become a blank canvas for designers to create stunning walls of colour and texture, that also allow for varying levels of privacy and light-flow to interiors.


Safety and Security Films

Protect your family, friends, colleagues and others from injury with our safety and security window films, which inhibit breakage and prevent glass from shattering on impact.


Custom Prints

Whether it’s for your home, business or an art project, we can transform your creative vision into reality with our custom-designed films for windows and glass.


Architectural 3M Finishes

Architectural and 3M finishes provide builders, architects and designers with a cost-effective and attractive option for creating stylish and durable finishes on walls, furniture, floors and ceilings,


Anti Graffiti

Solve the problem of graffiti and vandalism on buildings and public structures with our anti graffiti films, which can be removed and replaced when damage occurs.



Premier Tint has distinctive & creative solutions to all your signage needs, from basic directional signage to enhancing your brand awareness with one of our stunning external signage options.



Window tinting is an efficient and effective means of reducing the interior temperature of your vehicle, as well as reducing sun damage to your interior components.



Blinds offer a number of advantages over curtains as a window covering. They provide superior light control, are easier to clean and generally less expensive. And they look great.