The Star, Sydney NSW

The Star in Sydney is Australia’s second largest casino, next to Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Overlooking Darling Harbour, The Star comprises two gaming floors, eight bars, seven restaurants, 351 hotel rooms and 130 serviced and privately owned apartments.

In 2016 the North West Gaming area was added to The Star, which featured a huge glass skylight as the roof. However, once the gaming machines were installed, management realised that the heat and glare coming through the glass was making the room unbearable. Premier Tint was given the job of fixing the situation.

The size of the roof and the logistics of the project posed a huge challenge for us. Internal application was impossible due to access being blocked by the metal structure accommodating the glass roof panels. There were also weight restrictions on the interior floor and a scissor lift  was required to reach the glass. Our only option was to apply external films.

We decided to use a product from Hanita Coatings, the market leader in external films. The product we selected – the XTRM Silver 20X – was perfect for the job, with a heat rejection of 83% and glare reduction of 84%.

Our abseiling installers covered 168 glass panels (almost 500m2) in film in approximately two weeks. Most importantly, the client was amazed with
the finished product and the project was a complete success.


Wynyard Walk, Barangaroo NSW

Officially opened in September 2016, Wynyard Walk provides a world-class, fully accessible pedestrian link between Wynyard Station, the developing CBD western corridor and Barangaroo.

The walkway allows pedestrians to get from the Wynyard transport hub to the Barangaroo waterfront in approximately six minutes, avoiding steep inclines and road crossings.

The project increases the entry and exit capacity of Wynyard Station to meet current and future demands for the CBD’s western corridor and waterfront. This includes catering for the Barangaroo development, which is expected to accommodate up to 23,000 office workers and attract up to 33,000 visitors per day when complete.

Premier Tint’s role in this impressive project was to install safety and security film to the digital media screens installed on each side of the walkway and at the end of the stairways.

We installed 350m2 of 3m S600 clear safety & security film to the screens to protect against scratching and keep the glass in place in the event of breakage. 3M Anti graffiti film (AG4) was applied to all the glass balustrades along the walk, up to 300m2 in total area, to protect the panels from vandalism.  

We were thrilled to be part of the Wynyard Walk project, which represents the successful culmination of years of complex planning, design and engineering.

DFO, Homebush NSW

The food court of Homebush’s DFO was almost unusable during the day due to the heat and glare from the windows. Even in the winter months, sitting or eating near the windows was uncomfortable.

In 2016 Premier Tint was approached to find a solution to DFO’s problem. We selected a 3M P18 reflective silver solar film to reduce the heat by 72% and glare by 81%.

The biggest obstacle was getting access to the windows and minimising the disruption to the public. We agreed to install the film in three stages over two weeks and we erected the scaffold out of hours to minimise the noise. The scaffold consisted of 5 levels and had a .07 cantilever on the top deck so we could get to the glass.

To start with, we installed a number of test panels to ensure that the product was the right one for the job. The client instantly approved it and we went on to install the film to more than 300m2 of glass.

The client was extremely impressed with the finished product. The solar films not only improved the view, they made the food court usable in both winter and summer and enhanced the external appearance of the building.