how window tinting improves your home life


Everyone enjoys gorgeous sunlight coming through their windows. There is one major disadvantage though – the beautiful light also brings harm. With natural light comes UV rays, which can very well put you at risk for skin diseases, eye damage, and even faded furniture.

Before you shut yourself up in a dark room, we raise to you a solution: window film. These thin plastic sheets that cover your windows can enable you to enjoy the natural light without suffering its consequences. Shall we take a look at how?

Window film reduces harm from UV rays 

Dangerous UV rays enter your home along with sunlight through your windows. As the rays come into contact with your carpeting, furnishings, and even your skin, it can cause a lot of damage.

By applying window film to your windows, you could enjoy up to 99.9% protection from UV rays. That way, your furniture won’t be damaged and you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t vulnerable to the dangerous effects on the health of you and your household.

Window film lowers your energy bills

Normal window glass isn’t that insulated, so heat easily moves in and out. During the hot summer months, you may find that the heat is way too uncomfortable and feel the need to keep your cooling system on for as long as you’re at home. At the end of the month, you’ll be awaiting the energy bill with a feeling of dread. With tinted windows, however, less heat will be entering and exiting your home. That way, your temperature regulation systems won’t have to be used as often, and you’ll pay less for energy every month.

Additionally, the temperature will be better regulated all throughout the room, and there won’t be any hot or cold spots.

Window film helps you see glare-free

I’m sure you’ve experienced that bright glare across your laptop or TV screen as you’re trying to work. You may have even developed a headache or a migraine as a result of all that bright light. By tinting the windows of your home, you can enjoy your screens without glare, making work and leisure time a lot more relaxing.

There are definitely a ton of benefits to installing window film in your home. It’s one that will pay for itself in time too, since you’ll be saving on energy costs. Not to mention the priceless advantage of being in better health than you would be if you were exposed to dangerous UV rays all the time.

If you think you may be interested in installing window film, we’ve got a wide range of products that you can choose from. Whether you want a dark, reflective tint or a sheer one, we’ve got you. Contact Premier Tint today!

5 Health Benefits of a Window Tint

5 Health Benefits of Window Tinting

With tinted windows, you can spend less on energy while enjoying a higher level of privacy. Besides cost savings, there are a lot of health benefits that you can take advantage of with tinted windows. Here are five of them:

1 – Your skin isn’t as exposed to UV light

Everyone knows that we need some amount of sunlight to produce the vitamin D that our bodies need. That being said, it is important to get that sunlight during the morning and evening hours, when it is not too harsh. Prolonged exposure to sunlight means that we are more exposed to UV rays, which increases our risk of skin cancer and other dangerous skin conditions.

It is essential to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, even while indoors. Regular windows fail to shield you from these dangers, but tinted windows will keep up to 99.9% of those dangerous rays out.

2 – You will not be constantly straining your eyes

If you like working in a well-lit room, chances are you’ve experienced that annoying glare across your computer screen. Unless you reposition yourself or close the curtains, you will be straining your eyes. With tinted windows, you can enjoy the beautiful natural light without having experience eye pain.

3 – You are less prone to autoimmune disease

Research indicates that women exposed to a lot of UV radiation are more likely to develop autoimmune disease affecting the skin, known as dermatomyositis. Reduce your risk of developing this condition by keeping the UV rays outside where they belong.


4 – You won’t overheat as easily

It isn’t uncommon for people to experience discomfort, heat stroke, or dehydration because they are overheated during the summer. With window tints, the temperature inside your home will be regulated much more easily. You may even manage without turning on the air conditioning.


5 – You will safeguard yourself and your belongings

Window tint is adhered to the inside of windows. The additional layer reinforces the glass, making it more difficult to break. Even if it does, it is less likely to shatter and cause you injury because the broken pieces will stick to the adhesive.

Valuable possessions on the inside of your car or home can also be protected by window tints. Passing people will not be as able to spot what is on the inside and therefore won’t be as motivated to break in and take what is yours.

There are several types of window tints that are widely available. Get in touch with a professional today to figure out which one is the right fit for your needs.

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Privacy Benefits of a Window Tint

The Privacy Benefits of a Home and Commercial Window Tint

Commercial offices can get pretty busy. Clients are constantly coming and going, and employees are doing their jobs and adding value to your company. You probably have specific areas in your office dedicated for guests to rest, wait, and carry out business, as well as spaces for your employees to do what they have to do. There is one thing that affects both, however, that neither can control: the windows.

Large windows that allow in a lot of light can make offices look more attractive and more spacious. However, you also have to consider the health, the privacy, and the safety of everyone who enters your office building. Something that can minimize the risks while maximizing the gains is commercial window tinting.

You’ve probably seen large office complexes with tinted windows before, and thought if you should invest in some for yours. It’s an effective way to spend less on energy while keeping everyone inside comfortable. Even better, employees and clients alike will feel safe and secure inside your building as they work and go about their business.

It probably isn’t necessary to apply film to every window in the building. That being said, it may save you more money in the long run, not to mention add value to your building.

Most office workers spend the majority of the daylight hours in their office building, so staying protected at work is crucial. At home, however, you should still take measures to ensure that you remain protected. Here are some benefits of tinting your home windows:

  • Privacy – A major advantage of solar film at home is an increased level of privacy, particularly if you live near a busy street or right by the neighbor’s window. You can continue to enjoy the view from your window without sacrificing your privacy.
  • Preserve belongings – Have you ever noticed that the furniture placed next to the windows fades more quickly? With window film, you can increase the lifespan of your furniture, carpeting, and other belongings.
  • Temperature Control – It isn’t uncommon to have spots of heat where direct sunlight falls in your home. The inside of your house will have a more consistent temperature with window tints, and you will be more comfortable.

Window tints are great, whether commercial, residential, or auto. You can enjoy the sunlight that you love without sacrificing privacy, comfort, or the lifespan of your belongings. Get in touch with us today so that we can help you figure out which window tint is best for you!

At Premier Tint, we specialise in commercial window films and tinting.

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