Tips to be more energy efficient around the home

Everyone can make an effort to become more environmentally conscious. Even small deeds, such as turning off all the lights before you leave the house or minimizing the plug load, can make a difference in the world. Listed down below are some of the easiest ways to reduce carbon footprint and energy usage:

  1. Choose Laptops Over Desktops

You may not know this, but laptops consume up to 80% less energy than desktop computers. Therefore, give your employees laptops to work with instead of desktop computers if possible.

  1. Keep Track of Energy Controls

Many companies install energy controls in buildings but fail to keep track of their efficiency and effectiveness. As recommended by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, you should establish an HVAC system log to monitor the performance of the controls. For example, by logging the data, you will be able to determine if the HVAC system is running at night. If so, you can make an adjustment to save energy.

  1. Install Window Film

Today, you can find air-conditioned buildings almost everywhere in the world. According to a study of energy consumption in 2010, air-conditioning systems alone account for approximately 117 million metric tons of carbon emissions. Considering how cooling buildings expend more energy than heating, it is reasonable that you should prevent the heat from getting in the building in the first place. By installing the latest window film technology to your current windows, solar heat gain will be reduced and your air conditioner will be less exhausted. Moreover, window film can also ensure the comfort of occupants while still minimizing your building’s carbon emissions.

  1. Go For Revolving Doors

Another great way to be more energy efficient is to replace your existing doors with revolving doors. This can help reduce the amount of the outside air that gets inside the building. According to the facilities team at MIT, a building that uses just revolving doors can save around 7,500 dollars in natural gas in one year, which equates to almost fifteen tons of carbon dioxide.

  1. Switch Out Linear Fluorescent Lenses

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory states that the clear acrylic lens that comes on linear fluorescent lamps can let about 90% of light to penetrate. As these lenses degenerate over time and their light prevention property becomes less effective, it will reduce the longevity of your furniture. This can lead to costly repairs and maintenance, making it less cost-efficient as a whole.

  1. Grow More Trees

One of the best ways to become more energy efficient is to plant some trees. Trees can serve as insulating windbreaks as well as supply natural cooling. Also, in cold weather, trees can slow down the wind speed, which helps to make it feel less cold. This is why there are treelines that help to break the wind speed before it reaches the city. Therefore, if you’re looking to reduce your heating cost, you can consider planting a treeline in the direction that the wind is blowing from.

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Office Tinting

How to Pick the Right Window Tint For Your Office – Our Guide

Not only are windows functional, but they can also enhance an aesthetic appeal of your office. Window tinting is a great way to add some style and a touch of elegance to your set-up. If you are interested in getting your windows tinted, it is imperative that you choose the right window tint for your office. To help you do that, here are some things that you need to consider:

  1. Your Office Needs and Requirements

 There are various options when it comes to office window tinting. In order to narrow down your list, you need to understand what your needs and requirements are. As different tints for windows provide specific benefits, it is crucial that you pick the right window tint that meets your needs.

If you are uncertain or confused, you may want to seek professional help to reach the right decision. Most offices can benefit from a tint that offers protection from the UV rays. This type of tint gives you comfort while also preventing the furnishings from damage.

  1. The Characteristics of the Tints

Make sure that you examine the characteristics of each available tint by looking through their specifications. For example, look for a window tint with a high vision light transmission (VLT). The higher the VLT, the better the energy efficiency will be. In addition, tints that have a low UV value will be more energy efficient in the winter.


  1. Professional Help

Once you have picked a tint for your office, you should find a reputable dealer to evaluate the office and give you the estimate. Make sure that you get the estimates from many dealers so that you can compare your options and choose the best offer.

If you want to make the right choice in your office window tinting, then you may want to get in touch with a professional for help. Professionals who have been doing this for a long time will be able to help you arrive at the best decision according to your needs and requirements.


Benefits From the Right Window Tint

Once you know which window tint is best for your needs, you can enjoy a host of benefits that come with it:

– As office window tints can offer UV protection, the risk of your curtains, carpets, and furniture being damaged is eliminated. Many window tints offer up to 99% of UV protection.

– Office window tints can keep the interiors cool during the hot summers, minimizing the need for AC usage. This means that you get to save a lot of money on the energy bills. With consistent temperatures, your employees will be more comfortable in the office.

– By getting office windows tinted, any damage due to broken window glass can be eliminated. With the required tint, the window glass is stronger and does not get shattered, which lowers risks of injury in the workplace.

– Tinted windows also increase your privacy even without drapes.

– Window tinting can also add to the interior decoration of your office as well. In short, it has the ability to transform the overall appearance of a room, making it a great alternative to pricey décor.


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4 Reasons Why You Need Window Films for Your Home

Window films and window tinting can be overlooked as an option to enhance the longevity of aspects of your home. Window Tinting technology has evolved significantly in the past decade with high-end products on the market such as Avery Dennison and Solar Gard, which are capable of rejecting 99.9% of UV from the sun.

Why is this important you might ask? well UV rays are the main culprit for a variety of damages that can be caused to your home as noted below. In addition to preserving your home, window tinting also has a range of other positive benefits.


They Reduce Heat Gain

Heat gain in your home is not only uncomfortable it is also costly, spending money on optimising the temperature in your home either via fans, ducted systems,  air conditioning and heating units is costly. Window Tinting helps to offset this cost by rejecting large amounts of heat absorbed through the glass panels in your home. The result is your powered systems work significantly less to regulate the temperature.


They Provide All-Year-Round Protection

Many people believe that window films only have great benefits for the summer, but in reality, it can provide great benefits for you during the winter as well. Untinted windows allow heat to be transferred from one side to the other without obstruction, which means that a portion of the heat produced by your heater is just going to waste. Window films help to trap the majority of the heat inside the room, making it more comfortable while reducing your energy consumption ratings as well.


They Protect Your Furniture from Solar Damage

Your furniture is highly susceptible to sun and heat damage, as leather, plastic, and wood are prone to warping and discolouring when exposed to the sunlight. This can reduce the longevity of your furniture significantly. Repair costs for such a thing can add up incredibly quickly. Window films help to reduce UV rays by up to 99%, which will help to increase the longevity of your furniture while simultaneously preserving your health.


They Increase Privacy 

Clear windows allow burglars to see and assess everything in your home, which will help them to make a better decision as to whether the crime is worth the risk. Window films help to obscure the vision from the outside, which makes risk assessment significantly more difficult. This will help to prevent the frequency of breaking and entering, which will help to keep your family and your possessions safe.

There are many more benefits that window films can give you, but it’s crucial that you work with a professional tinting service to ensure that you get the right installation and product type.

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Sydney Residential Window Tinting

4 Tips on How to Find the Best Window Tinting Solution For Your Home

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your property in the best condition for as long as possible. We all want to feel comfortable in the house that we’ve worked so hard to afford, so we want to make sure that every part of the property we own is as perfect as can be. We may invest tens of thousands of dollars into doing home upgrade projects that help our home to be safer and more functional, but if we neglect the small details, it may cause some issues later on.

One of these small problems that many people may not pay a lot of mind to is sunlight exposure. Us Australians love a good day out in the sun and we’re well aware of the risk that sunlight poses, so we put our guards up while we’re outdoors. However, while we’re home, we may forget to think about UV rays exposure, which is when it becomes a problem. The solution to this issue is to install high-quality window films to ensure that you’re safe from these invisible waves of light.

It’s essential that you choose the right type of window film to ensure that we can enjoy the most benefits from our investments. With that said, here are four tips on how to find the best window films for your home:


  1. Evaluate Your Goals

The first thing you need to do when choosing window films is to think about what you need from it. Some people may prefer dark window films as they may enjoy a dimmed atmosphere, while others may prefer the house to be well-lit all the time. As there are window films that can help you achieve both, you will need to choose one that fits with your preferences most. You should also take geographical and weather concerns into consideration, as the environment will have a significant effect on which window films you should choose.

  1. Compare Performance

Once you have a list of window films model you want, the next thing to do is to compare between them to see which ones are the most fitting one for you. For example, Low-E series from 3M is one of the best when it comes to energy efficiency. It helps to block out both UV rays and heat from the room, which will make the house feel cooler even in the hottest months of the year. You want to choose the ones with all the right features and additional benefits, so make sure you talk to your family and the service provider to learn more about each model.

  1. Choose the Right Aesthetics

While functionality may be more important than look, but you still shouldn’t pick window films that make your house looks worse. Therefore, it’s crucial to think about the tone, opacity, and style of the window tint so that you can choose one that has the most aesthetic value to your home.


  1. Get an Estimate

Lastly, it’s important that you have a chat with your service provider to get a precise estimate for the whole operation. You don’t want to be surprised by hidden fees, so it’s better to get that out of the way from the get-go.

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