5 False Window Film Myths You Should Know About

There are a number of misconceptions about window films, we wanted to debunk a few misconceptions in this article.

Myth 1 – Films Make The Interior Too Dark

A long time ago, this myth would be true. However, that is not the case anymore. Today’s film only blocks out wavelengths that you cannot see but causes heat. This means that the films allow light to penetrate into the home while still absorbing and reflecting heat back out.

Some building owners have had concerns regarding energy savings. They think that because the tints reduce light entering the building, they will have to brighten up the place artificially, which means more energy cost. This can’t be further from the truth. In reality, the comfort levels of the space shoot up. The living space becomes much more relaxed, and the reduction of glare allows for the opening of blinds and shades. This, in turn, allows more light to enter.


Myth 2 – Film is cheap and meant for old buildings

Although it is useful for an old building to have window films installed, new buildings can still benefit from the addition, as they have tinted windows pre-installed! Customers looking for spaces with better protection from UV radiation, protecting their furniture from fading, and overall increasing security will use tinted windows. Low-E coatings, for now at least, can’t beat good old window film. However, Low-E surfaces are improving. In the end, window films don’t cost much, and if appropriately applied, will last many years.


Myth 3 – Window Films will Kill Indoor Plants

For the most part, a typical houseplant receives more than enough sunlight. With a window film added, the reduction of light may only temporarily slow down the growth and flowering.

If you are concerned about your houseplants, there are two things you can do. First, move your plants to a darker area on your house and see how they fare. Second, you can also contact a local nursery and ask about the specifics of your houseplants, particularly about how much sunlight it needs.

Sometimes, your houseplant may even do better with the tint! Some plants wither when the day is over because the sunlight was too intense. With a window film, these plants will grow properly.


Myth 4 – You Can’t Clean Your Windows with Films Installed

Believe it or not, you can easily clean a window with a film applied similar to a standard window. However, if you have applied the film, you want to leave it untouched for around 30 days. This will allow the window film to cure appropriately. If the installation was done by a professional, the tints should be spotless. After the long wait, you can clean it as you would typically clean windows.


Myth 5 – Window Films Causes Glass to Crack

Windows will break with or without films on, and there are several causes. Reasons are such as too much heat, too much weight, flexing caused by the wind, impact by another object, or twisting due to building structure warping.

Only the first instance, too much heat, is where the window film is involved. Thermal stress can be caused because the films absorb heat. The temperature is then transferred into the windows, heating the glass. However, films aren’t the only thing at fault here. Other factors, such as partially shaded windows, decals, and drapes being too close can also cause this issue. Different windows such as tempered, annealed, clear, and tinted glass also handle different amounts of heat. When applying films, manufacturers of the films usually include a chart explaining which film is appropriate for which type of glass.

If you ever thought of these misconceptions as a reason not to have a tint completed,  we hope that this clears it all up for you! You and everyone else will benefit from window tints.

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3 Benefits of having Anti-Graffiti Films for Your Business

Grafitti and vandalism can be a genuine problem for business owners, property damage from graffiti and vandalism can be very costly. Hiring a professional graffiti remover is expensive and is labour intensive, it can be disruptive for your business partially if you have customers and or patrons coming and going.

in addition to this, if your glass is damaged via scratching and needs to be replaced, this can not only be expensive but also another major disruption to your day to day operation.

Any business owner and or operator that has been the victim of this can tell you that it’s not only inconvenient and unpredictable but also puts a great strain financially on the business.

Thanks to technology, this can be mitigated. New window films today can provide you with an anti-graffiti surface, protecting your building from the aftermath of any vandals. Here’s how they work:


Anti-Graffiti Films

Like a film you would use to cover a surface, anti-graffiti film shields your glass. This polyester film consists of many layers, protecting your window or mirrors from any form of graffiti a. They work as a sacrificial protective layer that essentially can be removed and if it is applied, it takes no time at all to remove and apply a new film and is highly cost-effective in comparison with alternative options.

Any etching or scratching will be absorbed by the film, with easy replacement of the film to preserve the pristine glass underneath. Different thicknesses of the film are accessible, offering various grades of shielding. In summary, anti-graffiti films are useful because replacing the film is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire glass panel.


The Benefits

 There are various benefits to using an anti-graffiti film, some of which may even surprise you. Here are the three most significant ones:


1 – They work in conjunction with other window films

Anti Graffiti films are transparent and applied to the exterior of a glass surface, being that most window tints and films are applied to the interior of the glass, anti-graffiti films will have little to no impact on the performance of the solar control window film.


2 – They Discourage further Vandalism

When left unchecked, graffiti can attract even more attackers to add their artwork onto your wall. If you have a storefront, it is vital that you act immediately if you see any graffiti. Because anti-graffiti film allows you to easily clean or replace the film, attackers will be discouraged to continue vandalizing your property. Keeping your property graffiti-free will drive any attackers away, knowing that their efforts will be futile.


3 – They Offer Ultra-Violet Light Protection

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? The nature of the multi-layered film allows it to block out up to 99 % of the harmful UV radiation from the sun. With less UV light penetrating into your store, your building will be significantly cooler too! Just remember that you’ll need to ask the installation company if the film you’ve selected has this benefit.

Are you dealing with local vandals or looking to prepare for any attack? Protect your windows with anti-graffiti film. Although it will cost some money in the short run, you will definitely be saving in the long run.

Premier Tint provides Anti Grafitti solutions for local government and businesses throughout Sydney, they are experts in window film solutions from safety and security, anti-graffiti, signage and solar control.

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The top Reasons why you Should Apply Window Tint to your Office

When you hear the word “tint,” you’ll probably think of cars. But while a tint is recognized as something that’s used to add aesthetic appeal and a level of privacy to a car, the same applies to offices and homes.

Window Tinting has been improving in technical advancements for decades now and the highest quality window film brands have spent millions of dollars on research and product development to gain an edge over each other.

As a customer, you will find that you are spoilt for choice in terms of brands, however only the leading brands offer the genuine benefits affiliated with a quality window film, Premier Tint only work with leading and reputable brand and the benefits you can enjoy include:


Enhanced appearance

Window Films and Tints simply have a more ascetic appeal to them when compared to a window or glass pane without a window tint, however, be aware of the fact cheap tint can peel and bubble easily as the adhesive used is low quality, in addition to this can have a colour tinge that is not neutral leaving a purple or dark blue colouring that is not very appealing at all.

Whether you’re a property manager looking to improve the facade of your building, or a business owner keen on having their office stand out, having your windows tinted will do the trick.

You should definitely consider doing so if you want to switch things up. If you looking to really improve the appearance of your office and draw some wanted attention decorative films, frosting, graphics and window decals are great options which at Premier Tint we also supply and install.


Increased security

Aside from making your office look great, tinted windows can also help enhance the security of your property, especially if you go with a dark shade of tint. Window Films are designed to have a tear resistance, the greater the tear resistance the harder it is to break, there are a range of safety and security films available to consumers and can be used in conjunction with solar control films. These types of films are not only used on embassies, diplomatic and military buildings, but they are also commonly used to help prevent intruders from being able to easily break a window and enter a place of business or a home.


Better privacy

Regardless of what floor your office is on, chances are there will still be a unit in the building across from yours whose occupants will be able to look into your windows. There is a wide range of options from allowing only 5% or light through to 90%. 5%VLT film will provide the best level of privacy, however, is normally priced higher to accommodate the additional layering in the film itself.

With buildings and offices, you are not limited like you are with motor vehicles if you want to eliminate any possibility of being able to look in during the day time, a 5% VLT film can easily be applied.


Increased efficiency and comfort

By putting a layer of tint on your office windows, you’ll also be able to control the lighting levels in your workplace. Too much natural light often manifests in the form of heat and glare on your computer screens. Standard tint options and shades help keep the intensity of the sun’s rays to a minimum, which will help optimise the temperature in your office and control the lighting levels to reduce glare. However, with the tint options available you can balance between natural light entering the building vs adding external one-way privacy.

The added benefit of the window tint and films capacity to optimise and help regulate temperature also has a positive impact on your HVAC, and has a positive buy back period which is one of the shortest in terms of HVAC cost reduction options.

Premier Tint have been installing Solar Control Window Films, Decorative and Safety and Security Films since 1981 and have built a reliable and trustworthy reputation in the Sydney, and across NSW. Contact our team today to find out how we can tailor a solution to improve your home or office.


Top Trends in Window Tint Technology – What to Know

Window tints have always been an essential element for automotive owners as well as for residential or commercial properties. Its origin story rooted from aesthetic purposes as it gave vehicles a sleek look, but through the years, technology has also included window tints in its evolution.

On that note, it has developed features that became crucial to any vehicle or property as it regulates the car or structure’s temperature. In addition to reducing the detrimental effects of the sun’s rays, it also lessened the strain it put on an interior’s air conditioning system, which overall saves on gas or energy.

Furthermore, it also preserved the interior fabrics and surfaces of a car or house as the blocked UV rays scaled-down the furniture’s tendency to fade in colour. However, the potential for window tints doesn’t have to stop there. Being one of the top after-market products in the industry, the technology built into it has only improved over the years and now includes the following new trends:


Trend #1: Smart Film Technology

It seems that almost anything can be linked and controlled by your smartphone, and this recent development in window film technology allows window tints to be manipulated using a smartphone app. This is a high-tech film that can be switched from clear to opaque with only a single click of a button, allowing people to have full control on privacy and the window tint’s energy-saving features. On that note, the smart window film works by using a combination of electro-chromatic, suspended particle, and liquid-crystal technologies. These are separated by a conductive layer, which moves ions from one side to the other using a controllable voltage. This allows the user to either block light or let it through, depending on the current demands of a particular situation.


Trend #2: Photovoltaic (PV) Technology

PV technology uses daylight as a source of electricity similar to how solar panels work, which allows glass surfaces from vehicles or properties to be used as power-generating panels. This is indeed an advanced feature for window tints, which is why the initial installation can be costly, but its ability to convert daylight into energy means that your car or home will be able to save on electricity bills. In retrospect, having a PV technology installed into your window film is an investment that promises to be cost-efficient in the long run.


Trend #3: Photochromic Glass

This technology allows glass surfaces to automatically darken once exposed to sunlight. It’s potential is already widely recognized as many vehicles and commercial buildings have installed photochromic glass, though the drawback is that it creates a certain imbalance. Since it’s switch function is only limited to blocking off sunlight, it can make an HVAC system work twice as hard to regulate the interior temperatures to keep its occupants comfortable.


Trend #4: Intelligent Vehicle Glass

This technology uses special films that are inserted into the glass to control its transparency using electric control signals. This means that the windows can be darkened with a single touch of a button, which works similarly with smart film technology. The difference is that you have control over individual windows, as well as have the capacity to control the level of brightness or dimness, depending on the preference of the passengers or occupants of a building. Due to its high costs, however, this technology is currently used by high-end vehicles or large-scale companies only.

If you’re looking for a professional window tinting service in Australia, Premier Tint have been servicing the Sydney clients for over 30 years, our skilled and professional team are ready to take on any project using the latest films from only the most reputable brands.