5 Reasons to Install Window Tint on Residential Homes

Whether you’re a new homeowner or planning to redecorate or renovate the property you already have, some major consideration should go into which type of window treatment to install. While most people usually go for the traditional blinds and curtains, some prefer a more effective shield from the sun: window tinting.

Window tinting involves applying a transparent film directly and seamlessly onto the glass. The films darken the window’s shade, thereby reducing the amount of sunlight that passes through. This technology is often used in cars. When used in residences, it gives homeowners more privacy while enjoying a more unobstructed view.

If you’re wondering if window tints are a good investment for your home, read on to learn more about its advantages:


  1. Cooler Interiors

Tinted windows create a more comfortable and pleasant home environment. The film reduces the amount of heat going into your house and filters out UV radiation. This kind of barrier makes your interiors cooler, especially during summer. If you live in a place where it’s hot throughout the year, you should consider installing window tints for your home.


  1. Better Aesthetics, Greater Home Value

Adding tints to your windows makes them look sleeker and more streamlined. There are decorative window films that come in different materials and patterns to suit a room’s interior design. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, this increases the value of your property and may help the estate fetch a better price. Potential buyers look for homes with extra amenities, and energy efficiency is a huge selling point these days.


  1. Energy Savings

Window tinting not only adds comfort and aesthetic values to your home; it also allows you to cut down on your monthly bills. In the summer months, about 40% of utility bills come from cooling and air conditioning. A study conducted in Florida found that installing window tints can cut energy consumption by as much as 30%. Consider the savings you can make in a year by simply having your windows tinted.


  1. UV Protection

Aside from reducing the amount of heat and glare that goes into your home, tints also filter out the sun’s harsh UV rays. Excessive exposure to these harmful rays causes skin problems and speeds up signs of aging. By having your windows tinted, you can enjoy maximum protection even while staying indoors.

UV is harmful not just to our skin, but also to our possessions. If you have valuable items such as paintings and vintage furniture, chances are that you try to keep them away from direct sunlight. However, UV rays can still reach them, causing damage that will be visible over time. Depending on the kind of film you install, window tints can block up to 99 percent of UV radiation.


  1. Privacy

Window tinting gives your home a better sense of privacy. It gives you a clear view of the outside while making it hard for outsiders to peek inside. Some films can even be polarized, acting like one-way mirrors from the exterior. Blinds, screens, and curtains cannot give you this level of security.

There are many types of window tinting, and each one requires a different application process. Most films need water to activate the adhesive, while others use a heat source. While you can certainly install window films yourself, it’s still best to call the experts. Professionals use specialized tools and are trained to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped against the glass.

Premier Tint has been providing Sydney Residents with the best window tinting solutions for over 30 years. Speak with our team of consultants who will help you select the best film for your situation.





What You Should Know About Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism in business districts is a minor yet common crime that can have costly consequences for your company. Taggers that vandalize your property can cause major interruptions in your business operations. Additionally, it can damage your reputation and even put you in a financial bind as no amount of chemical solvent can remove the pesky graffiti.

This means that you will have to replace the windows on your storefront or install a new bathroom mirror every time unsightly scribbles come up. The worst, however, is that you can spend a few hundred on fixing it without the assurance that it won’t get vandalized again in the future. To that end, other benefits include:


Benefit #1: It Fortifies Your Property

 Anti-graffiti window film is consists of layers of heavy-gauge security films. These are designed to be shatter-resistant to prevent shards from exploding in the event of disasters. This includes potential smash-and-grabbers, cyclones, strong winds, and more.

This reduces the risks of being burgled and keeps potential storm damage at a minimum, keeping occupants safe from broken glass. Another benefit is that it is also resistant to scratches, which keeps it safe from vandalism or glass tagging.


Benefit #2: It Provides UV Protection

Just like a traditional window film, anti-graffiti window film can block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This helps reduce glare and heat from entering homes, business buildings, as well as vehicles. By blocking UV rays, window tinting also protects furnishings, upholstery, painting, and tapestries from degrading or fading as an after-effect of sunlight streaming through the home, office, or car windows.


Why Your Business Needs Anti-Graffiti Film as a Long-Term Solution

Investing in an anti-graffiti window film is a cost-effective way of preventing various forms of vandalism. This includes acid etching, scratching, spray painting, and permanent markers as the material are made of a flexible and durable piece of polyester that is held in place through sticky adhesives.

It resembles glass and makes it hard to tell the difference between the window film and the actual surface, but the best feature is that it’s hard to scratch and deface. In a case where vandals still get to strike, the layer of the film affected is quickly and economically replaceable. You can apply anti-graffiti film in various areas through a commercial building, such as the following:

  • Bathroom stalls and mirrors
  • Bus stops and benches
  • Handrails
  • Train cars and transit interiors
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Glass walls and windows


The Bottom Line: Anti-Graffiti Window Film is a Cost-Effective Investment for Your Business

An anti-graffiti window film can deter vandalism as it is a thick, durable material that has high resistance against scratches and can easily blend in with its surroundings. Though it can still fall victim to other acts of graffiti such as spray painting or permanent markers, the film can be easily removed, which significantly lower the costs and saves tons of money on repairs.


Premier Tint provides Anti-Grafittti solutions to businesses and homes throughout Sydney, including trains, buses, building facilities and more. Contact us to arrange a free measure and quote.

Tips in Choosing the Right Window Tint VLT (Visual Light Transmission)

There are various reasons for building and homeowners to have window tinting. Window film is a thin laminate film meant to be installed on the interior or exterior of the glass surfaces of a home or building. The primary purpose of window tinting is to control the amount of light entering any space. However, there are other factors to consider, such as the level of privacy, glare, and temperature, among others. Below are some tips on choosing the right window percentage for your home or building.


For privacy


If you’re looking to increase the privacy in your room, opt for a lower tint percentage. Tint percentage below 20 per cent is much darker and allows less light to enter. Textured tints prevent people from seeing through your windows. Even at night with the lights on, people won’t be able to see the inside of the room. Such window tint percentage is suitable for your bedroom, bathroom, office partition or entryway if you intend to have some privacy.


For improved visibility


Another reason to install window tinting is for better visibility. UV control tint is a viable solution for this. Because of this, having window tints with a low interior visible reflection also maybe your best option. If you own a storefront business with a window display section, potential customers can view the products inside without worrying about the sun’s reflection. Also, at night, these window films allow you to see through your windows to enjoy the night view from your office or home.


For temperature control


Temperature control is another factor to consider when choosing the percentage of your window tint. Opt for the window tint that will work for you whether you want to keep the heat in or out. First, there are window films that keep the room warm by redistributing the room temperature to reduce cold spots. This is a good option to maintain the heat within your home during winter. On the other hand, there are heat control window films that help reduce the amount of heat entering a room. These window films are the best option for you if your home or business gets too hot because of the sun’s heat entering through the windows.


For glare reduction


Some people choose window tinting for glare reduction. There are window films that reduce the glare caused by natural light while allowing plenty of light to get through. Because of this, they do not compromise your view of the exterior. These films are ideal for your business, particularly if you operate computers and have difficulty viewing the screen due to the glare from the windows. The same is true for your windows at home, where the glare from the window might impact your TV viewing experience.


For sunlight reduction


Finally, you may want to choose window films for sunlight reduction. The sun’s rays are at times concentrated in a particular spot at various times throughout the day. This makes your business or home uncomfortable when the sunlight gets through glass surfaces and regular windows. That said, select the film type that will redistribute the light in your premises. These window films help to reflect light upwards and inwards so that the room is lit evenly.


Choosing the right window film percentage depends on your window needs. Whether it’s for privacy, glare reduction, or temperature control, you must know exactly what you want. Consider the top tips outlined above to set you in the right direction in choosing the right window tint for your home or office.


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