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What it Takes to complete a large scale Window Tinting Project

Large windows can provide your room with an open-air feel, but it can also attract a lot of heat, which is why it needs to be tinted. This is especially important if you live in a hot area. However, applying a tint on to an abnormally large window can be quite a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why it’s important to let the professionals do it to avoid damaging the window and to make sure that the job gets done meticulously.


Untinted windows allow heat to pass through freely, meaning that the heat will come into the room and it just stays there. Your room will heat up very quickly, meaning that your AC will have to work twice as hard to keep the room cool. Large windows only multiply this effect, and it emphasizes why you need to tint them.

While there are available DIY options out there, we don’t recommend that you tint your own windows, especially for these large windows. There’s no guarantee that the films are of high quality and that the tint job will be perfect. We highly advise you hire a team of professionals to deal with all of your tinting needs.


The process is mostly the same for large windows, but it can be significantly more difficult in terms of measuring, cutting and installation of the film, particularly if the roll requires multiple parallel strips, to make these flush and not appear on the completed job takes a skilled professional. It will typically require more than one person to complete the process efficiently.

The process of installing large window films is similar to applying a wallpaper. The two vertical sides need to overlap, and then the centre of both of the layers will need to be trimmed with a knife and a ruler. The loose part will then be peeled from the top down, and the excess pieces of film will be discarded from underneath.

The glass will then need to be rewetted before the film is applied slowly and steadily from top to bottom.

Two people are needed for the removal of the liner. One person will face the film and hold it perpendicular to the floor while the other peel the liner off in a smooth and straight motion towards the floor. The glass will then be sprayed wet again before the film is applied.

Each Premier Tint installer is taught the importance of patience from day one. They have the accredited training, the knowledge, the tools, and the proper preparation. They also need to be meticulous with every step of the way, This is the main difference between an amateur and a professional tint installer, so make sure that you work with a professional.

If you need a partner for a large window tinting project, get in touch with us at Premier Tint today!


How window tint protects your home

4 ways Window Tinting Protects your Home

Winter can be a relaxing time for you and your family. It’s when you can feel comfortable in your home without having to turn the AC on blast at all times just to stay cool. People often see their electricity bills drop during winter, and it’s mostly because they don’t have to deal with the overwhelming heat of the summer anymore. However, even though the sun isn’t as bright and the air is cooler, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider window tinting. If you don’t see the immediate benefits of how window tinting can help your home to feel more comfortable, here are a few that we can show you.


Blocks UV

Even though the heat isn’t as intense, it doesn’t mean that UV rays aren’t penetrating through your untinted windows. This might become more of an issue during the colder months, as you will want to bathe in the sun inside your home, as opposed to avoiding it like in the summer. By having your windows tinted, you can still bathe in the sun in your house, feeling the warmth, but without the risk from skin cancer or sunburn. Additionally, window tints will help protect your furniture, wooden floors and rugs from getting damaged by the UV rays.


Reduces glare

Sun glare can be a very annoying and distracting thing, especially when you are enjoying a nice weekend afternoon show with your family. The reflected sunlight from the TV doesn’t only make it hard to see what’s on the screen, it’s bad for your eyes as well. It’s almost like looking directly at the sun for long periods of time. However, this won’t be an issue if your windows are tinted. Window films prevent screen glare almost completely, ensuring that you can watch your favourite daytime shows comfortably.


Regulates temperature

Untinted windows are the leading cause of heat gain during summer, and heat loss during winter. This is because untinted windows are where temperature exchange occurs. Without preventing this from occurring, you will be paying a lot more on your energy bills because your AC and heater will be working overtime to keep the temperature regulated. Tinted windows prevent these heat exchanges all year round, and it guarantees whether it’s hot or cold outside, your home will remain comfortable.


More energy efficient

The environment suffers enough, and by tinting your home windows, you can actually turn your home green! By allowing enough light in, you won’t have to turn on the light, even when it’s dimmer outside. This saves you money on one front and reduces your carbon footprint on the other. Additionally, by having an energy-free thermal regulator in a form of window tints, your home will be much more energy efficient. Saving you more money, and keeping every family member happy and safe.


If your house or office isn’t yet protected, then you might want to invest in weather-resistant window films to make sure your property and family stay safe comes the next winter. Get in touch with Premier Tint today to see how we can help.


why the quality of your window tint matters

WHy The Quality of Your Window Tint Matters

You can quickly distinguish a bad window tint from a good one with only one glance. Not only that it doesn’t look as good as the high-quality counterparts, but it also will not perform as well on the intended purposes either. Window tinting should be considered a long-term investment and one that lasts many years to come. Buying poor quality tint will be evident visually on your windows as time goes on.

You might be asking: what determines the quality of a window tint? And that’s exactly what we’re going to be discussing today.

Keeps your interior cool

Your car, house and office can collect heat very quickly, and it takes a lot of energy to make it cool again. Window tints are designed to block out heat while allowing illuminating light to come through while blocking out harmful UV rays. This is why you will feel the difference instantly when you have your window tints installed. Plus, it will save your money on the utility bills as well.

Provides great visibility and reduces glare

With the latest technology, high-quality tints are great at reducing glare from sunlight or headlights at night. Moreover, the thinner the tint, the better the visibility and the best quality tints out there are as thin as a post-it note and offer strong visibility at 90% VLT or greater. If you are applying your tint on car windows, however, you need to make sure that it has the legal VLT level.

Doesn’t interfere with electronic signals

The older materials for window tints used to interfere with the signal transmission. However, this isn’t an issue anymore for modern window films. Leading brands guarantee that their products don’t have any metal in them that could interfere with your wifi or cellular signals. You can be sure that you can make an important phone call or answer your emails wherever you want in your property.

Has great UV protection

Finally, UV protection is invaluable and most good quality tints utilize technology that enables them to provide up to SPF 1000 in protection. Additionally, quality window tints also block out harmful and invisible UV rays that can cause skin cancer and melanoma. You can be sure that you will stay healthy and comfortable in your own home.

Comes with long-term warranty

Top quality products of reputable brands come with a long-term warranty at no extra cost. This means that you don’t have to worry about the damage to your top-notched window tints for years to come. But it’s not like they are easily damaged anyway.

Keep in mind, though, if you do buy tint with no warranty and they start to peel and crack, redoing the job will be expensive. Plus, a long-term warranty is a sign of confidence from a brand and a good indicator of quality!

Knowing this, it’s time you start thinking about a bigger budget for your window tints. They will protect your property and loved ones for the long run. It’s simply the logical choice!

If your house or office isn’t yet protected, then you might want to invest in weather-resistant window films to make sure your property and family stay safe comes the next storm. Get in touch with Premier Tint today to see how we can help.

How to Care for you Residential Window Film Blog

How to Take Care for Your Residential Window Film

Your home needs the best protection against the extreme heat and UV rays exposure. This is especially true in Australia, as it’s a country known for its sunniness. Excessive exposure to sunlight will damage your appliances and your skin. Many studies support the claim that unprotected exposure to UV lights can cause skin cancer, and that’s not what you want for yourself and your family.


This is why window films are important, as they protect your house from direct sunlight. Not only that, but they also keep your house cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. You want this effect to last as long as possible, which is why you need to know how to care for your window films. This is what we will be discussing in this article.


How To Care For Your Residential Window Film

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should never use cleaners with hard edges to clean tinted windows. Rough or harsh cleaning materials such as scourers or bristle brushes as this can scratch the window film and leave permanent marks. The damage will add up over time, leaving your films looking cheap and sketchy.


After the application, the film will need about a week to cure. During this time, you can clean your window, the suggested solution for window cleaning is a vinegar-based glass cleaner. These will not seep into the adhesive, which means that no bubbles or air pockets will form under the film. If vinegar-based cleaners aren’t available, you can use a mild soap as an alternative. Your window film should last between 10 and 15 years if it is well maintained, so you want to make sure you use the correct cleaning materials.


Listed below are the recommended steps to clean tinted windows. Follow them closely to avoid scratches and marks.


  • Use distilled water. It is worth the extra cost than using tap water, (or other types of ‘hard water’). Hard water contains traces of lime, iron, and minerals which can end up leaving a layer of build up on your window film which over time will scratch it.
  • Pour a few drops of baby shampoo into a spray bottle and fill it up with distilled water. Fill another bottle with plain distilled water for rinsing.
  • Spray the solution thoroughly on the window surface, and rinse it off with plain distilled water.
  • Use a rubber squeegee to get rid of the water that still remains. A common mistake When using the squeegee is to wipe it horizontally. This will build up streaks, and it makes excess moisture sticks to the window more. Instead, wipe in diagonal and vertical directions.
  • Once the cleaning process is complete, spray plain distilled water onto the residential window film and squeegee using the same vertical and diagonal movements to remove any remnants of soap. Make not sure to allow water to puddle for too long at the bottom of the window as it might leave a stain.


Additional Tips For Cleaning

  • Do not use newspaper when drying as they contain wood fibers which will scratch your window film.
  • Clean your windows during the cooler part of the day, as the heat will soften the film surface, making it susceptible to damage.
  • Lastly, make sure you use a different cloth for cleaning the outside and inside of your window. Exterior windows have more dirt on its surface, this could damage the window inside.


Your residential windows are important for your health and the health of your family. You need to take good care of it to reduce the likelihood of wear and tear. This will ensure the longevity of your window films, keeping your family safe for longer. Get in touch with Premier Film today to see how we can help.



What to consider when picking a Window Tint Specialist

If you live in Australia, there’s no arguing that the sun is an issue. This is why window tint is a must when it comes to the comfort in your home and office. It filters out UV rays, heat control the interior of your properties, and protect you and your items from direct exposure to sunlight. However, window tint is not an easy thing to do correctly. There are many intricate details that the installer must consider, which is different for every type of glass. You need a team of professionals to choose the right kind of tint and to install it effectively.

Considering the importance of the installation process, you will want to work with people who provide the best service, customer care and aftercare for the products you purchased. This will ensure that your products’ longevity and effectiveness. We can ensure that you get all of that and more.



We know everything there is to know about window tint, whether it be for home, office, boat or cars. Rest assured when you hire us, as we guarantee that you get the service and products that will best fit your demands. We offer a wide range of products, with varying degrees of UV protection, shatter resistance, opacity and styles that will best suit your needs. We also have 3M certified experts who are well-versed when it comes to window films. This along with the well-known effectiveness of the 3M products, we ensure that every one of your standards will be met without sacrificing the strengths of a security film.



 Windows do a lot of work for a building. It takes the bulk of the beating while being the weakest structure of a building. This is why you will benefit greatly when you work with us, as we understand the different conditions that each window faces, and work with that condition to ensure the best results. For example, a window in marinas and boats will constantly be facing strong winds, while needing to have good UV filtration rate while allowing enough visibility from the inside-out. On the other hand, windows in taller buildings need to be able to withstand tremors and strong gusts of winds, which require glasses that are shatter-proof that have good light blocking properties during the day, but with good nighttime visibility.

Each window has different specific purposes, and with our experienced staffs, we can ensure that you will get custom-fitted tint that will give you the best functionalities, style, and elegance.



One of the most important things to consider when applying a window tint to a window is to not allow any air bubble, scratches, tears or weak points. These imperfections will jeopardize the integrity of the window, making it vulnerable to breakage with time. The removal of window films requires dangerous chemicals such as ammonia, requiring complicated process and health precautions. With our teams of experts, we can ensure a smooth and safe process that will keep your property safe.

We offer films that will lower the risk of breakage from natural disasters and crimes. These films will also keep the heat from accumulating in the interior of your property. This helps with heat regulation and will save you money from having to have your AC on high all the time.



We have a team of 3M certified professionals who prioritise the quality of the work and the safety of our customers property above all else. This certification also comes with a warranty that covers any defects in the product (which is very rare). In terms of installation, our team are highly experienced and are called upon to text out new products from some of the largest brand names in the industry, such as 3M, Solar Gard, Avery Dennison and more. With Premier Tint you can rest assured your work will be completed by a highly skilled, experienced professional.



At Premier Tint we have built a reputation on delivering exceptional customer service and after sales assistance, all products we supply and install are covered by a manufactures warranty, if by chance there is a fault in the install we will look to replace your job free of charge. We have built a reputation for being the leader in residential, commercial and office window tint and films.

Premier Tint is a high-quality, professional, affordable window film installation company in Australia, get in touch with Premier Tint today to see how we can help today.



Save Energy Costs with Window Tinting

Lower your Energy Costs with Window Tinting

It’s estimated that about 48% of a home’s energy costs are spent on thermal control. This is a sum of money that you can save while helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. You can achieve this by installing a window tint that can reduce the heat absorption in your car, home and office. Not only that, it can also reduce the risk of skin cancer and diseases by filtering out harmful UV rays. Here are some of the ways window films can save you tons of money on your next bills!


Window Tint Cuts Cooling Costs by As Much As 50 Percent

15% of a typical home’s wall space is comprised of glass materials like windows and glass doors. This is usually done to allow natural light sources to reduce the use of lamps and light bulbs, and to get that open feel to your space. However, light is a poor insulator, which means that the temperature can travel through the window freely, wasting the energy of the AC.

This is where window film can prevent unnecessary loss of money due to the insulation and heat reduction it provides for your space. Depending on the type of window tinting you have, you can reduce the heat storage in your home by up to 80%, which can save you up to 50% of your AC bills. This also works for when you switch from cool to warm AC during the winter months, as the tint will trap the heat within your house and prevent the cold from leaking in.


Reduce Dangerous UV Ray Exposure

On top of protecting you against the outside temperature, window tint can also protect you against UV light exposure that can increase the risk of skin diseases and cancer. More than 4 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. alone. So this is why you should invest in UV blocking films in your properties to avoid this issue. This is a simple safety precaution against a condition that can threaten your life and will cost a fortune to treat.


Tax Credits Help You Save on Window Film

You might not know this, but you can use your tax credits to save you on tinting your windows. Due to its energy-efficiency home improvement, you can apply for a number of tax benefits through it. With each tax break, the energy saving factor will help you to recoup your initial investment in no time.


Why use us?

As you can see, window tinting can save you tons of money, while keeping your house comfortable and cool. So if you are interested in investing in window tint films, contact us today and we can help solve your home issues right away.



Fighting Skin Cancer

Window Tinting Helps with the Fight Against Cancer

If you think the only time you have to put on some sunscreen is when you’re heading out for a day at the beach, you are sadly mistaken. Your skin is your body’s first line of defense and the largest organ of your body. It’s important for you to take proper care of it – not only outdoors, but also indoors. Though it may seem like we are safe in our homes with roofs and windows to shield us from the sun, we are not. Bare windows still allow harmful UV rays to pass through and endanger our skin. With window tint, however, we are protected from up to 99.9% of UV rays so we can enjoy relaxing in our homes and offices without worrying about constantly applying sunscreen.


How Window Tinting Contributes to Protecting Us From Cancer

As our ozone layer slowly depletes, the sun becomes more dangerous. We spend more time in air conditioned rooms than ever before, and as a result are unable to stand sunny weather quite as well. With window tint, you can be protected all year round from those dangerous UV rays that cause up to 85% of melanomas and 90% of other types of skin cancer.


Besides reducing your risk of cancer, window film reduces glare by half while still allowing beautiful natural light in through your windows. Your eyes will be in better health, thanks to window film. We may not feel the sun damaging our bodies, but it is. With window tint, we can enjoy life while staying safe.


Window Tint for Cars

Although the windscreen of your car is tinted, your side and rear windows are probably not. This means that you are still leaving yourself vulnerable during your commute. If your commute is long, this could mean dangerous repercussions. Have quality window tint applied to your car to ensure that you stay safe during your drive and don’t put yourself at risk for skin cancer, skin aging, and other dangerous conditions.


Window Tint for Buildings

If you work or live in a building with lots of natural light, I’ll bet one of your favorite areas in the space is the area near the window where you can sit and enjoy the view. As pleasant as this may be, harmful UV rays are constantly penetrating the glass and damaging your skin, even when it isn’t bright outside. With tinted windows, you can enjoy the view without putting yourself as much at risk for skin diseases. There are a great variety of films you can choose from – there’s sure to be something that fits your needs.


I’m sure you don’t want to slather on sunscreen every morning and don sunglasses and a hat just to stay home. However, you also probably don’t want to risk your health. With window tint, you can enjoy the interior of your home stress-free. It’s also great for people who suffer from photosensitivity as a side effect of things like lupus or xeroderma pigmentosa. The cost is worth your health.


If window tinting is something you would like to do, get in touch today! We’d be more than happy to tell you about the different types of tint we offer and what may be the best fit for you. Why risk your health? Tint your windows and prevent skin cancer with Premier Tint today! Contact Us.


how window tinting improves your home life


Everyone enjoys gorgeous sunlight coming through their windows. There is one major disadvantage though – the beautiful light also brings harm. With natural light comes UV rays, which can very well put you at risk for skin diseases, eye damage, and even faded furniture.

Before you shut yourself up in a dark room, we raise to you a solution: window film. These thin plastic sheets that cover your windows can enable you to enjoy the natural light without suffering its consequences. Shall we take a look at how?

Window film reduces harm from UV rays 

Dangerous UV rays enter your home along with sunlight through your windows. As the rays come into contact with your carpeting, furnishings, and even your skin, it can cause a lot of damage.

By applying window film to your windows, you could enjoy up to 99.9% protection from UV rays. That way, your furniture won’t be damaged and you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t vulnerable to the dangerous effects on the health of you and your household.

Window film lowers your energy bills

Normal window glass isn’t that insulated, so heat easily moves in and out. During the hot summer months, you may find that the heat is way too uncomfortable and feel the need to keep your cooling system on for as long as you’re at home. At the end of the month, you’ll be awaiting the energy bill with a feeling of dread. With tinted windows, however, less heat will be entering and exiting your home. That way, your temperature regulation systems won’t have to be used as often, and you’ll pay less for energy every month.

Additionally, the temperature will be better regulated all throughout the room, and there won’t be any hot or cold spots.

Window film helps you see glare-free

I’m sure you’ve experienced that bright glare across your laptop or TV screen as you’re trying to work. You may have even developed a headache or a migraine as a result of all that bright light. By tinting the windows of your home, you can enjoy your screens without glare, making work and leisure time a lot more relaxing.

There are definitely a ton of benefits to installing window film in your home. It’s one that will pay for itself in time too, since you’ll be saving on energy costs. Not to mention the priceless advantage of being in better health than you would be if you were exposed to dangerous UV rays all the time.

If you think you may be interested in installing window film, we’ve got a wide range of products that you can choose from. Whether you want a dark, reflective tint or a sheer one, we’ve got you. Contact Premier Tint today!

5 Health Benefits of a Window Tint

5 Health Benefits of Window Tinting

With tinted windows, you can spend less on energy while enjoying a higher level of privacy. Besides cost savings, there are a lot of health benefits that you can take advantage of with tinted windows. Here are five of them:

1 – Your skin isn’t as exposed to UV light

Everyone knows that we need some amount of sunlight to produce the vitamin D that our bodies need. That being said, it is important to get that sunlight during the morning and evening hours, when it is not too harsh. Prolonged exposure to sunlight means that we are more exposed to UV rays, which increases our risk of skin cancer and other dangerous skin conditions.

It is essential to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, even while indoors. Regular windows fail to shield you from these dangers, but tinted windows will keep up to 99.9% of those dangerous rays out.

2 – You will not be constantly straining your eyes

If you like working in a well-lit room, chances are you’ve experienced that annoying glare across your computer screen. Unless you reposition yourself or close the curtains, you will be straining your eyes. With tinted windows, you can enjoy the beautiful natural light without having experience eye pain.

3 – You are less prone to autoimmune disease

Research indicates that women exposed to a lot of UV radiation are more likely to develop autoimmune disease affecting the skin, known as dermatomyositis. Reduce your risk of developing this condition by keeping the UV rays outside where they belong.


4 – You won’t overheat as easily

It isn’t uncommon for people to experience discomfort, heat stroke, or dehydration because they are overheated during the summer. With window tints, the temperature inside your home will be regulated much more easily. You may even manage without turning on the air conditioning.


5 – You will safeguard yourself and your belongings

Window tint is adhered to the inside of windows. The additional layer reinforces the glass, making it more difficult to break. Even if it does, it is less likely to shatter and cause you injury because the broken pieces will stick to the adhesive.

Valuable possessions on the inside of your car or home can also be protected by window tints. Passing people will not be as able to spot what is on the inside and therefore won’t be as motivated to break in and take what is yours.

There are several types of window tints that are widely available. Get in touch with a professional today to figure out which one is the right fit for your needs.

At Premier Tint, we specialise in commercial window films & tinting. Get in touch today to see how we can help.


Privacy Benefits of a Window Tint

The Privacy Benefits of a Home and Commercial Window Tint

Commercial offices can get pretty busy. Clients are constantly coming and going, and employees are doing their jobs and adding value to your company. You probably have specific areas in your office dedicated for guests to rest, wait, and carry out business, as well as spaces for your employees to do what they have to do. There is one thing that affects both, however, that neither can control: the windows.

Large windows that allow in a lot of light can make offices look more attractive and more spacious. However, you also have to consider the health, the privacy, and the safety of everyone who enters your office building. Something that can minimize the risks while maximizing the gains is commercial window tinting.

You’ve probably seen large office complexes with tinted windows before, and thought if you should invest in some for yours. It’s an effective way to spend less on energy while keeping everyone inside comfortable. Even better, employees and clients alike will feel safe and secure inside your building as they work and go about their business.

It probably isn’t necessary to apply film to every window in the building. That being said, it may save you more money in the long run, not to mention add value to your building.

Most office workers spend the majority of the daylight hours in their office building, so staying protected at work is crucial. At home, however, you should still take measures to ensure that you remain protected. Here are some benefits of tinting your home windows:

  • Privacy – A major advantage of solar film at home is an increased level of privacy, particularly if you live near a busy street or right by the neighbor’s window. You can continue to enjoy the view from your window without sacrificing your privacy.
  • Preserve belongings – Have you ever noticed that the furniture placed next to the windows fades more quickly? With window film, you can increase the lifespan of your furniture, carpeting, and other belongings.
  • Temperature Control – It isn’t uncommon to have spots of heat where direct sunlight falls in your home. The inside of your house will have a more consistent temperature with window tints, and you will be more comfortable.

Window tints are great, whether commercial, residential, or auto. You can enjoy the sunlight that you love without sacrificing privacy, comfort, or the lifespan of your belongings. Get in touch with us today so that we can help you figure out which window tint is best for you!

At Premier Tint, we specialise in commercial window films and tinting.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.