Open Pay

Take control of how you pay!

Openpay is a smarter way to pay, buy it now and pay for it later. Interest-free on simple and easy payment terms. Premier Tint and Openpay have partnered to provide our customers with a range of payment options on easy payment terms and 100% interest-free plans!


Join Openpay

Simply Download the Openpay app and get started, there are 1000’s of different shops and businesses that are part of the Openpay network and by joining Openpay you can Shop Now and Pay Later for all of them. And remember it’s always interest-free!


Customised Payment Options

Select how you want to pay based to suit you, if you want 30-day terms you can if you want 90-day terms you can its up to you, your in control.


How it Works

Meet Katrina

Kat would like to have a solar tint for her apartment. Katrina is able to take advantage of Openpay by having Premier Tint install today and Kat pays over 6 months.

Openpay pays: $3,000
Katrina pays Openpay: $252.50 in 12 Payments over 6 months

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