Three Key Considerations for Tinting French Doors and Windows

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If you want to add a period look to your modern home, French doors and windows are what you need. The style has been around since the turn of the 17th century, and it still has a place in homes and apartments that are built this year. That should tell you something the effectiveness and comfort of the style. What’s more is that French doors and windows are quite versatile, as they fit with just about any style of home with a wooden frame.

The problem with French doors and windows is that the glass is typically arranged in a way that creates a pattern, and tinting these glass surfaces can ruin the look of the windows. This makes the process of tinting French doors and windows really complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To understand whether it’s a good idea to tint these glass surfaces, here are some of the key considerations you have to keep in mind:


 As we mentioned, tinting French glass is complicated, and that may make the installation process takes a lot longer than it otherwise would for any other type of glass surface. The installer has to measure and cut out all of the window films and plan out how to install each little piece of window tints on the surface of the window. As you can imagine, it’s a time-consuming process compared to installing one piece of window film on to a glass surface. If you don’t have time to inspect the work process, you might have to consider putting it off for now.



 From the process described in the earlier section, you could probably guess that tinting French glass is more expensive than tinting a regular window. Not only that the process is time-consuming, but it’s also very laborious. The service has to take the labour cost into account when they’re calculating the price, and that will add up very quickly if you’re looking to tint more than one French door or window. Another thing that the window film service has to consider is the experience of their employee. To make sure that the tint job is done correctly on a French door, the installer has to be very meticulous about how they apply each layer of film onto the window. You should ask the window service about the estimate for the installation before setting an appointment date so that both parties know what to expect.


 Poor quality window films are prone to bulging, warping, and discolouration, and this is not a good look for any window, let alone a French window or door. French glass is designed to look beautiful by itself, and the sophisticated design and glass colours need to be preserved by the film. Also, because the installation process is expensive and difficult, you need to make sure that your window films last for as long as possible. Although the French glass may be coloured and that may reduce some light exposure, it doesn’t do anything to protect you from the invisible UV rays. This means that you and your family could be at risk of many skin diseases. Using high-quality film can prevent this problem while keeping your French doors and windows looking neat and beautiful for as long as possible.


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