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Enhance Safety & Reduce Risk

Protect your family, friends, colleagues and others from injury with our safety and security window films. The adhesive technology in our safety & security films bonds the film tightly to the glass and holds shattered glass together in the event of breakage until replacement. This makes our films suitable for a wide range of applications. Upgrade your windows or glass to the current Australian Standard (AS1288) or apply bomb blast film in high-threat public spaces.

Safety Strips

Safety strips are an important aspect of building regulations for both commercial and residential areas. With various styles and sizes available, speak with our reps to today and find a safety strip suitable for your building to comply with code.

Safety in the home

Apply safety film to your windows to reduce the risk of injury from broken or flying glass.

Security films prevent home invasion by making it more difficult to break glass windows or doors.

Commercial applications

Use safety film on windows and glass doors to protect your employees and customers from injury in the event of broken glass.

Protect your business from burglary and vandalism with security films, which make it more difficult for glass to be penetrated.

Reduce risk in food processing plants

The food manufacturing and packaging industry has an obligation to prevent foreign matter from being present in food. Applying safety film to glass in areas where food packaging or processing takes place significantly reduces the risk of broken glass being present in food products.

Improve safety in schools, nursing homes & childcares

Use safety film where falls are common, such as in schools and nursing homes. Films are applied to the inside window surface, which prevents glass that is broken from the outside entering the interior.

Meet childcare & family day care standards

Use safety films to meet the safety regulations regarding glass in homes that provide family day care.

Reduce risk in storm prone areas

Safety film reduces the risk of injury or damage from breakage or flying shards in the event of high winds and storms.

Safety in blast prone areas

In the event of a blast or explosion, safety film provides added protection from flying shards of glass.

Glass pool fencing

Glass pool fences can be extremely dangerous in the event of breakage. Increase the safety of your pool area with our variety of safety films.

Glass balcony Balustrades

Apply safety film to glass balcony balustrades to protect people on both sides of the glass without obscuring the view.

Standards & Technical information

AS1288 – Australian Standard that applies to all glass in buildings.

AS2208 – Australian Standard that applies to glass and human impact: i.e. safety of people in buildings.

Nickel Sulphide – This compound is added to glass in a process called ‘toughening’. When broken, toughened glass shatters into thousands of tiny pieces, removing the risk of sharp shards that can cause injury. This process, however, also makes glass more unstable and at risk of exploding. Applying safety film holds glass together in the event of an explosion.

If you have a business you might also be interested in some of our other product offerings including:

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Russell Ludowyke
Russell Ludowyke
01:21 19 Oct 20
Premier Tint NSW were professional & courteous when I arranged quotes and then times to install. They came on time and did an excellent job. I would definitely use them again. Russell
Jean & Adam Parker Independent Scentsy Consultants
Jean & Adam Parker Independent Scentsy Consultants
01:18 18 Oct 20
We had a large window downstairs in our kitchen that got full sun. It really got the full heat of the day. Since tinting it, it has made a huge difference to our temperature in the house. We also had an upstairs window to do. The tint is installed on the inside, the job was done super quickly... and the technician was excellent. very more
Pamela Bernes
Pamela Bernes
05:59 17 Oct 20
We were very happy with the service provided by Premier Tint and would recommend them to our family and friends.
Annabel Vaughan
Annabel Vaughan
08:38 16 Oct 20
I’ve used Premier twice now in different homes for different purposes. I’ve found them to be very professional, cheaper than others and reliable. Highly recommended.
Pete Dalgleish
Pete Dalgleish
08:28 16 Oct 20
Great quality work ... installed very professionally. No issues or problems. Been installed for a year now and no problems. My Tinting helps to reflect heat and to reduce glare - makes a difference. I would use these guys again and recommend them 🙂
Greg Piconi
Greg Piconi
05:50 16 Oct 20
Premier Tint did a fantastic job with the window tinting of our house. The price was very reasonable and the work was completed quickly and professionally.
03:55 16 Oct 20
Put off frosting side windows that overlook neighbour for years thinking would be too expensive. So glad I did it. Very happy with result in granny flat. Great customer service too - nice people, good ideas.
Nerida Walters
Nerida Walters
04:37 05 Feb 20
Premier tint did a fantastic job on two entry doors of our high profile company. I would definitely recommend.
Roger Hudson
Roger Hudson
22:51 16 Jan 20
We had 6 small double-glazed windows tinted on the outside. Very happy with the information, service and general manner of the installers.
Adam Cashell
Adam Cashell
05:40 14 Jan 20
Emma and the team at Premier Tint did a superb job of tinting our offices, they used high quality Avery Dennison Film at a competitive rate, the job was completed in no time all with zero disruption to our team. Will be having them complete some graphics for us in the future.
elz y
elz y
05:18 14 Jan 20
Had my 2 windows tinted, they guys a did a great job, fast, professional, and didn't cut corners. Upon inspection, it was done perfect, and the quality advertised is true. The film is of high quality and really helps with the summer heat and keeping sun glare out. I recommend their service tinting,... even if you have or are thinking of getting more
Stephen Shaul
Stephen Shaul
03:24 05 Dec 19
Avoid at all costs. They have hidden conditions, and refuse warranty claims for fully paid work. They are contradicting 3m about who issues warranty certificates. And all the while, rude and uncaring.
James Pickering
James Pickering
05:25 21 Aug 18
Premier Tint completed graphics and signage for our office in Darlinghurst, amazing work John and Aaron were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Geoff Ashlin
Geoff Ashlin
00:37 21 Mar 17
A week ago Premier installed 3M Prestige 70 film on all 17 large glass panels in our high-rise, north-west corner apartment. Unfortunately due to the prolonged wet weather, we have not had a good opportunity to put this high-tech.,expensive film to a good test however any disappointment won't be... the fault of Premier. (I am very confident that the film will meet my high expectations due to all the glowing reports I have heard.)The installers were reasonably on time considering they had a long way to travel in morning peak-hours traffic. They were careful and methodical and ensured that everything was right before finishing and requesting payment. Premier also provided the lowest of the three quotes that I more
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