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Commercial Window Tint

Commercial window tinting is an investment for all types of businesses by reducing heat, minimising glare and damaging UV rays from entering your place of work. With the benefit of blocking heat, window tint for your commercial space keeps your workplace cool in summer and warm in winter with films that create an insulating layer. This reduces the need to overuse air conditioners and provides an added benefit by reducing energy consumption and costs.


Whether it’s for an office, warehouse or shop front, installing solar window and glass tinting on your place of business has multiple benefits which your employees will instantly notice. Window tint acts as a barrier between the internal office and external weather. For this investment, you can reduce heat, minimise glare, lower your energy consumption, increase privacy and employee productivity. With a variety of finishes and options available to choose from, you can add a professional finish to your external building while providing a plethora of internal benefits.

Office Window Tint

When working in commercial offices, large windows near workspaces create comfort and sight issues for employees. The radiating heat from the large windows and glare bouncing off computer screens makes working in these environments uncomfortable. Investing in a commercial window tint, will not only increase the curb appeal of your office, it will also increase employee productivity with a comfortable work space.

Skylight Tinting

Skylights are becoming a popular option for additional light in commercial spaces, however they can allow additional UV, heat and glare into your work space. These windows cannot always be covered with shutters or blinds, making commercial window tinting an excellent option to control the amount of heat and glare rejected. Our team at Premier Tint are experienced in working at heights and with heavy equipment such as scaffolding and EVP’s, with the ability to carefully and efficiently tint your skylights without causing damage to your external building. A professional install is imperative for a successful skylight tint that will work for your business.

Construction Work

Getting on site can sometimes be the most difficult part of a commercial tint application. All Premier Tint employees are CM3 certified making the process of getting on site quicker. Our team have worked on construction projects across NSW to successfully complete commercial and residential tint installations to the highest quality standards. The team is able to professionally and efficiently complete your commercial project in a clean and safe working environment.

Shop Front

Not all commercial spaces include large boardrooms and employees sitting at computers. Retail and commercial shop fronts still require large amounts of light while adding additional protection with safety and security films. Premier Tint has access to a large variety of tints from various trusted brands to pick the right commercial tint for your premises. Install a solar tint to reduce heat and pair it with a safety film to prevent damage, breaking and entering into your store. Our glass graphics and signage services also help your branding stick out in a row of shop fronts.

Keeps your workplace cool

Window films are effective in controlling the heating effects of the sun. Once applied to untreated glass, window film reduces solar heat and increases the comfort of the internal businesses temperature.

Lowers energy costs

Commercial window tinting blocks solar heat which means less energy is necessary for heating and cooling. This means your business will consume less energy, which will lower the energy costs of running your business.

Reduce glare into your premises

Window tinting reduces glare, which makes it difficult to look at screens and impacts on comfort.

Helps to prevent fading of furnishings, blinds and curtains

Window tinting blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which helps in protecting your furniture, carpets and window dressings from fading.

Improves the look and feel of your premises

Window tints come in a range of contemporary finishes and classic designs to suit the style and ambience of every business and workspace.

High quality Avery, Solar Gard and 3M window films available

Premier Tint stocks and installs a variety of window films, which are known for their performance, aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance. Ensuring the right film is installed at your premises.

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Adam Cashell
Adam Cashell
Emma and the team at Premier Tint did a superb job of tinting our offices, they used high quality Avery Dennison Film at a competitive rate, the job was completed in no time all with zero disruption to our team. Will be having them complete some graphics for us in the future.
Kevin McGilvray
Kevin McGilvray
Matt Hopkins was very helpful and professional. Highly recommend Premier Tint.
Russell Ludowyke
Russell Ludowyke
Premier Tint NSW were professional & courteous when I arranged quotes and then times to install. They came on time and did an excellent job. I would definitely use them again. Russell
Kevin Dodds
Kevin Dodds
Seamless professional service - quote was very competitive, easy to deal with, appointment time was convenient and turned up on time and installation was very professional. We are so happy with Premier - thoroughly recommend them for any home tinting.
Jean & Adam Parker Independent Scentsy Consultants
Jean & Adam Parker Independent Scentsy Consultants
We had a large window downstairs in our kitchen that got full sun. It really got the full heat of the day. Since tinting it, it has made a huge difference to our temperature in the house. We also had an upstairs window to do. The tint is installed on the inside, the job was done super quickly and the technician was excellent. very helpful.
Hasan Mahboob
Hasan Mahboob
Professional service with value for money
Pamela Bernes
Pamela Bernes
We were very happy with the service provided by Premier Tint and would recommend them to our family and friends.

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