Countering Glare from the Sun in Your Office

Reduce Office Glare

An office has to be a comfortable place that offers a cosy ambience for the employees who work in each day. Your hardworking employees deal with piles of work that have to be handled in the office daily. They have meetings to attend, paperwork to file, and deadlines to meet. Their physical working environment should be the least of their concerns. Rather than suffering from a backache that resulted from a non-ergonomic swivel chair and complaining about the poor office ventilation, you and your employees should be able to focus on your work.

One particular problem that can take a major toll on workplace productivity is excessive glare from the sun. Let’s talk about office windows. Employees can get distracted from sun rays that are cast through the windows, reflecting off of their screens and causing headaches. Although a view to the outdoors can be nice, many employees complain when their work stations are situated near a vast expanse of window glass for one simple reason: the glare. In this article, we’ll talk about the effects of the sun’s glare in the workplace and what you can do to counter the problem. Shall we begin?

How does the sun’s glare affect the office environment?

Most employees work in front of computer screens all day. If their screens are placed in a position where the sun’s glare falls, it will be difficult for them to see what they’re working on. Soon, employees will feel irritated and demotivated. The office will not be conducive for working. Not only will it cost your productivity, but it will also lead to the following:

// Eye Damage

Apart from the discomfort brought by the sun’s glare on your computer screen, one serious problem is eye damage over time. Exposure to the sun’s glares bouncing off flat surfaces in the office such as tablets, phones, computers, televisions, and monitors can cause serious eye problems. Even if you had 20/20 vision when you first began working, you could be left shopping for glasses in a matter of months!

// Cost Increase and Aesthetic Decrease

The sun’s glare cast upon office windows can decrease the aesthetic aspect of your office, thus resulting in an increase in maintenance expenses. Have you noticed the fading of your business furniture, the flooring, the paintings, and other office elements? The sun’s glare can cause the visual elements in your office to wear out prematurely, adding to the maintenance costs of your facilities.

So how do I counter the sun’s glare?

There is only one solution to combat the sun’s glare in your office: glare-reducing window films.

Glare-reducing window films will do two important things: reduce office glare and provide UV protection. With high-quality film installed on your windows, you and your employees won’t easily get distracted by the sun’s glare or be as subject to severe eye damage over time. Moreover, protection from the UV rays will ensure that office fabrics, carpets, furniture, and flooring won’t fade and wear out prematurely.

There’s no doubt that installing window films can contribute to making your office a conducive place for working. With the increase in office comfort, everyone can get ahead of the curve and work more productively than they ever have before!

If you’re planning to install window films on your office windows, Premier Tint is your best option. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help.




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