Staying Cool In the Summer! Window Films vs Solar Screens

Okay, so not all of us can look as cool as this guy in summer, but we sure can keep cool, which if you are not chilling in a pool with a cold drink involves the Air Conditioner. If you are looking at ways to save money on using the air-con this summer, then window tints are the thing for you!

Summer is generally the hottest time of the year. The airconditioning runs longer and works harder, incurring a higher electricity bill than other seasons of the year.

With window films or a solar screen, not only do you reduce your electricity bill, but your house stays cooler as well! What is the difference between solar screens and window films? Read on more to find out!


Window Films

 The sun’s rays can be divided into three different components: UV rays, infrared light, and visible light (the colour spectrum our eye can see). What heats up your home is the UV rays, the ultraviolet light.

Window films cool your house down by blocking these rays from entering. Not only will it block these light, but visible light as well. How much light enters your home depends on the intensity of the window tint you choose.

Window films with energy-efficient designs will be better at bouncing these rays away from your windows. Some tints also insulate your windows, keeping your house warm during winters and cool during summers.

Solar Screens

Although solar screens and window films have the same job in cooling your house, they work in different ways. They block some sunlight to cool your home down, but also give you extra privacy. This works by allowing you to see outside from the inside. At the same time, anyone from the outside cannot look into your house.

These screens are cheap and can be paired with drapes, blinds, and even window tints! Window tints are installed in the interior while solar screens are installed on the exterior of the window.

To have solar screens installed at home, you must seek the services of a solar screen company. They will take the necessary measurements and custom-build solar screens to be installed.

To conclude the small investment to install window films or solar screens, is a great investment and will pay itself back in no time at all, saving you lots of precious dollars!

 If you’re looking for a window film solution and installer in Sydney, Premier Tint specialises in residential and commercial application of window films, blinds, shutters and solar screen systems. Contact us for a Free Measure and Quote!

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