3 Window Hacks to Improve HVAC

3 Window Hacks to Improve HVAC

Windows and doors with glazing, permit the outside atmosphere to interact with the insides of your home. For example, when you open doors and windows, you allow the cool summer breeze inside. But it’s a double-edged sword because the glass can absorb the warmth out of your home on a frosty winter night.

Glazing should be one of the priority concerns to consider during construction or remodeling.

Your well-insulated house can experience undesired heat loss or heat gain because of a single-pane glass that has virtually no insulation capabilities. High-performing windows that offer insulation reduce energy costs and can enhance the comfort levels in a home.

There are various glazing systems and treatments so finding the best solution might be too overwhelming for a first-timer. In this article, we have listed several glazing types for you to check if they are perfect for you.


Weather Seals

A window that allows air movement even when it is tightly closed has failed as a means of insulation, even if it is made with the priciest materials. Moving sections in windows should have quality seals between the roller and its frame. Although modern windows have a reasonable seal, its effectiveness depends on the design and craftsmanship of the window.

The lower the volume of air that passes through an area of a window, the better its insulating properties. But, it is not uncommon to see windows with gaps with air leaking between the frame and the wall. As a result, the air leakage makes the energy saved using window glazing useless.

Compression seals are better and more durable options than brush seals commonly found in sliding or double-hung windows. Because of that, they are putting compression seals between the window frame and the wall is also a necessary action for homeowners.


Single, Double. Or Triple Glazing?

All windows who undergo glazing have better-insulating properties regardless if the treatment is double or triple glazing. The technology behind gazing slows down the conductive heat flows from both sides of the windows pane.

Double-glazed windows are more superior than single-glazed windows because a double-glazed window cuts heat loss by at least 60 per cent in cold climates. Even though double-glazing is more expensive, it is a cheaper alternative in the long run because it reduces utility costs.

Some people may choose to replace leaky old windows with double glazing, with excellent outcomes. Consider multi-pane glazing like triple glazing to achieve more optimal results if you need the extra insulation.


Double glazing retrofit and Window film

Another alternative to improve the insulating properties of existing windows is to apply a factory-fitted coating on the glass. Windows films don’t come in a roll and should be fitted by a professional. There are several types of window film, and each type varies in performance.

The trick in selecting a film for your existing windows is to base it on your local climate and the location of the window in the house. A window film option is the right choice for you if you want a quick and unobtrusive way of increasing the insulating properties of existing windows.

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