5 Safety Benefits That Security Window Films Provide You & Your Family – What to Know

5 Safety Benefits That Security Window Films Provide You & Your Family - What to Know

Window films have become a common addition to many homes. These filters are useful in reducing glare, lowering costs of home heating/cooling, and many more.

But did you know that adding window films can be beneficial for you and your family by keeping you safe? Not only do window films make your home cozier and more comfortable, they can also offer protection against safety-hazards.

Here are five safety benefits that installing window films offer:


1. Crime Protection

Having glass windows and doors means that your house is vulnerable to breaking and entering. Criminals can easily shatter glass windows to commit a felony, enabling them to easily escape as well, as you’ve left them such convenient openings.

Adding security films will prevent this. Installing them to your windows makes the glass sturdy as it won’t be easily penetrated. Even with the use of heavy objects, your windows will still manage to hold off a significant amount of force. Even if the glass breaks, the opening won’t usually be large enough to let them enter as the film will keep the glass intact. Also, the sound of glass breaking will draw attention from the neighbourhood, buying you time to call the cops.


2. Accident Protection

A window glass without film will pose a serious threat to people within its surroundings when it breaks. Accidents can happen, which could often involve severe injuries, and in worse cases, death.

Having a window film to keep the glass intact even after shattering will lower the chances of accidents. No one wants to worry about anyone getting hurt, especially in their own household. Window films are engineered with this in mind. The strong adhesive will significantly reduce the safety hazard of broken glass.


3. Protection from Natural Disasters

Window films are also capable of helping mitigate the damage from a natural disaster, or more prominently, a storm. A fast and powerful storm can bring so much force and pressure that it can break fragile materials such as glass.

Installing a specially-designed security film to your windows will resist the pressure from a storm, lowering the casualties. The glass will be held together by the film, keeping the wind, rain, or flying debris away from your home’s interior.


4. Protection from Explosions

Some instances of explosions point to broken glass as the main cause of death and injury. Having security window films installed will not magically negate the chances of explosions happening. However, with security window films, the probability of getting pierced by a glass shard gets significantly lowered.


5. Protection from Heat

This may sound like an obvious feature of security films, but it is often overlooked. Too much sunlight coming into your home or workspace will cause heat to accumulate inside. Feeling too much heat will cause your body temperature to go up, and for people who are sensitive to hot environments or have delicate conditions, it can be dangerous to their health. Most likely, you’ll suffer from heat-stroke from these conditions.

Security window films block the extra sunlight from entering your space, giving you a safer and more comfortable living or working environment.



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