Understanding the Different Types of Window Tints – What to Know

Understanding the Different Types of Window Tints - What to Know

The process of window tinting involves applying a thin layer of material to impart certain properties to glass. This material is called a film and is usually made of a blend of polyester and other substances. The film is affixed to the glass via a special adhesive, and sometimes, multiple films are applied to achieve the intended purpose.

There are several types of window tinting, and each one is designed for a specific use. We’ll talk about what those types are in the sections below to give you a better understanding of what choices are available to you.


UV protection window tints

One of the most common types of window tint is UV protection window tints, designed to protect your property from the harmful radiation produced by the sun. These tints filter out the ultraviolet spectrum found in daylight, which is known to wreak havoc on people’s skin as well as deteriorate certain materials such as wood and paint.


Temperature regulation window tints

These tints block the heat from the sun to help keep the inside of your building cooler. These block out a portion of the sun’s rays, diminishing the amount of energy that passes through your windows. They can help maintain comfortable temperatures within your building, allowing you to cut down on expensive air-conditioning costs in an efficient way.


Privacy window tints

Privacy window tints are designed to hinder the visibility into your building. There are multiple subtypes of privacy tints. Some work by acting as a physical barrier that completely blocks people’s sight, while others act like one-way mirrors that refract light so that outsiders can’t see through them. Some provide partially distorted visibility, and it will depend on you to find the most appropriate one for your building.


Security window tints

Window tints that are made for security are used to add layers of reinforcement to the glass. They make your windows more durable and better able to withstand high impacts or weathering. They also represent a cost-effective solution in place of completely replacing your windows with security glass.


Anti-graffiti window tints

Certain types of window tints also protect your windows from vandals who might want to deface your property. These tints safeguard your window from unwanted elements like spray paint, permanent markers, and scratches. These are typically used in commercial buildings that are easily accessed by the public.



There are other, more specialised types of window tint, and many tints are now hybrids of two or more of the aforementioned varieties. Window tints are also available in a range of different colours that can blend harmoniously with the rest of your building.

As for installation, you could apply the film yourself given you have the right tools, but you run the risk of doing a poor job as there is quite a bit of technical skill involved in the process. With that in mind, it’s usually best to seek the help of a professional to ensure a good application and that you have the right type of window tint for your building in the first place.

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