How Tinting Your Windows Can Prevent Your Furnishings From Fading

How Tinting Your Windows Can Prevent Your Furnishings From Fading

Basking under the sun can be healthy for our skin but exposing yourself for too long without sunscreen can also be just as damaging. That’s why we lather on sunblock when enjoying the beach, but the same concern flies out the window as soon as we are back at home.

While it’s true you don’t have to worry about sunburn when hanging out in your living room, other things can also be vulnerable to sun damage even when inside the comfort of your home. Your furnishings, for instance, are prone to fade when exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


What Causes Fading?

Sunbathing by the beach isn’t the only way to get burnt as your possessions can get a taste of its heat even in your home! The damaging UV rays can wreak havoc on your items – from fading your couch, bleaching photographs, ruining textiles, and wearing down the luster on wooden surfaces.

Beyond the ultraviolet light, the combination of visible light and hot temperature creates a destructive force that makes up 90 per cent of your merchandises’ fading. To be specific, the breakdown of the damage is divided into the following:

  • Ultraviolet Rays – 40%
  • Solar Heat – 25%
  • Visible Light – 25%
  • Others – 10%


Floors, carpets, draperies, and other furnishings near the window are the most prone to colour discolouration, especially during colder months where winter sunlight causes the most destruction since the sun sits lower in the sky.

It’s not aesthetically pleasing to cover up your possessions, but you can stop the damaging effects of daylight altogether by tinting your windows with solar film!


What is Solar Window Film and How Can It Protect Your Furnishings?

Tinting windows are commonly found on vehicles and commercial buildings, but its plethora of benefits makes it practical as well as a stylish addition to your home. Not only does it elevate your curb appeal, but the film is made with ultraviolet (UV) absorbers that are designed to block as much as 98 per cent of UV radiation transmitted through your windows.

Homeowners who prefer the classic, clear glass don’t have to cover up as newer versions are made with advanced materials. With state-of-the-art technology, up-to-date window films are now available with clear opticals, making it possible to let more natural light in without inviting its negative effects.


The Bottom Line: Window Tinting to Extend the Quality and Lifespan of Your Furniture

Adding solar film to your window treatment is a cost-effective way to boost the curb appeal and energy-savings of your home. Seeing as window film can reduce heat and block the harmful rays from being transmitted through the glass, it can contribute to your insulation and cut back your utility costs during winter or summer.

Of course, the helpful properties of window film extend to your furnishings as it can protect your possessions from fading under the rays of the afternoon sun.

If you’re looking for a professional window film service that offers residential tinting in Australia, we are your best option. Let us help you protect your home today!

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