5 Car Decal Wrapping Mistakes Businesses Make

5 Car Decal Wrapping Mistakes Businesses Make

When you have a company fleet that conducts business operations around town, keeping this clean and without any decals to advertise is wasted ad space. While billboards and other forms of advertising are costly, nothing beats people seeing your vehicle fleet rolling down the street with a great set of decals. Promoting your business should be done in all possible ways, and if you’ve already invested in a vehicle, why not give it a good decal wrap?

There are plenty of business owners who fail to invest in good services, which renders their vehicle in lousy shape and damages a company’s reputation. Car advertising decals have plenty of potential to lead to conversions and increase sales, so it is best to always invest properly in professional car decal services. 

Here are mistakes that you can avoid when setting up car decals:


Buying Cheap Materials

Vehicle wrapping materials are readily available in the market. The issues with some specific materials are that if they are too cheap, they might not adhere to surfaces so well, which is what items like car window decals need. Some might not even have good quality printing available and will fade quickly within a few weeks. Cheap materials are often a sign of cutting corners, and this means that your business will look like it doesn’t value quality. 


Going to a Cheap Installer

Different vehicles have different shapes and contours, meaning that a car wrapping service needs to be well equipped to deal with these. Wrapping a regular car is already tricky enough. This reason is why dealing with large scale vans requires a proper decal or tint installer to be contacted. Not going to a decent shop will cause uneven installation and will look poorly done. 


Not Investing in a Professional Designer’s Services

Professional designers often know the ins and outs of graphic design and can work with you to create a plan that promotes your business best. Only an experienced graphic designer can make the proper design foundations for your business, including a perfect logo or wrap elements. Cheaping out on these services damages the potential of your business to increase sales and legitimacy, so be sure to put your money with the professionals. 

Additionally, cheap services often mean that they’ll opt for templates and other stock images rather than a unique design made for your business. Not only will this be a problem with quality, but legal issues can also ensue when resources are used illegally.


Putting Too Much On the Plate

In terms of car decals, you will want non-distracting elements printed on them, as these can be road hazards when people driving alongside your fleet vehicles see them. Be sure to use colours that are easy on the eyes and are quickly identifiable for people to see and get back to what they are doing. However, using a palette that is too dull can cause issues with visibility at night, which can be dangerous to pedestrians and other drivers. 


Placing the Wrap In Bad Areas

Installing car advertising decal wraps in the wrong areas can cause them to peel off prematurely due to low quality adhesive properties. Stick decals on a cleaned panel of metal on your car for the best sticking results. Placing low-quality materials will also warp and fade quickly, so be sure to use the highest-quality materials in areas like the engine hood and near the exhausts. 



Fleet vehicles are a unique advertising space, as driving around is undoubtedly going to capture attention from bystanders. With plenty of locations for your services, the visibility of your business will give you better returns on investments. Invest in high-quality car decals for free advertising space using your company vehicles. 

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