How LX70 Window Film protects your family from Radiation
How LX70 Window Film protects your family from Radiation

In the new digital age, everyone is likely to have some sort of electrical device connected to a 4G/5G network or wifi. From smart TV’s to phones and ipads, the need for stronger connections to cellular towers have increased with a demand for faster connections. With these advancements, there is an increasing risk of exposure to radiation and Electromagnetic Interference from cell phone towers. 


What is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)?

Phone towers and other electrical devices including wifi, emit magnetic and electric pulses that find its way into your home. Each device requires their own line of connections so the more devices within a home, the greater amount of EMI. Living closer to phone towers means an even greater amount of EMI will radiate within your home. 

Solar Gard LX70 is a window film manufactured with thin layers of metals copper, silver, gold and aluminium so thin that the eye can’t see. These metals reduce the amount of EMI as they interfere with the path of radiation. What this film doesn’t do is block the 5G network. With Solar Gard LX70 installed, 5G connections sit at 95%. 


Does it Act as a Window Film?

Solar Gard LX70 is manufactured first and foremost to operate as a solar window film so maintains the benefits of a solar film. The additional benefit of rejecting EMI you can sit comfortably in your home experiencing all the benefits of window film, knowing your family is protected from radiation. These benefits of solar film include:


No Loss Of Light

LX70 was manufactured to be a neutral finish with low reflection. There is no colour to the tint meaning there is no loss of natural light. You achieve the same level of visibility from inside the home and outside while still rejecting heat and UV. 


Comfortable Living Environment

Although you may not notice a visible difference in your window, the difference LX70 makes to the internal temperature of your home is significant. This film rejects half the sun’s solar energy, preventing warm spots and uncomfortable uneven temperatures on hot days. You can rest comfortably without blasting air conditioning units and racking up electricity bills with a simple installation of LX70. 


Protection for your Belongings

Another benefit of solar film which is prominent in LX70 is the protection of your belongings including your furniture, carpet, blinds, architecture, paintings and merchandise. As LX70 rejects 99% of UV light, this will prevent fading and decolouring of your belongings. Although nothing can prevent the overall wear and fading of your things, LX70 is the most effective way to do everything you can. 



Don’t wait until it’s hot in summer to protect your family, Electromagnetic Interference is prominent year round with the use of electrical devices, even if there aren’t many devices in your home. Start protecting your family and belongings now with an installation of LX70. Premier Tint have been in the window film industry for over 20 years and highly recommend the use of LX70. If you’re in need of window film for your home, contact Premier Tint for a free measure and quote.

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