4 Advantages of Having Window Film for Pool Fences
4 Advantages of Having Window Film for Pool Fences

You probably know that Australian pools are required to have pool fences. These are intended to promote safety and protection against heat; however, they can look unpleasant. With today’s innovation in home improvement and the construction industry, a window film is found to add beauty and impact to the whole pool area while also offering safety and security.


What is a Window Film?

A window film is defined as a thin laminate film installed on either the exterior or interior glass surfaces in homes, buildings and even cars. There are several types of film for windows, categorised based on their functions. Examples are security window film, privacy window film, home window tinting, visual indicators, decorative window film and custom wall art and decals.

If you opt for glass pool fencing, it is important to choose a frosted window film that is both affordable and of high quality. 


Top Reasons to Install Window Film for Glass Pool Fences

1. You’ve got protection under the sun

Window films are UV-resistant material. Enjoying the pool with your family can be more satisfying when you are protected against the heat of the sun. These films can be cut into various designs and come in different colours. What makes it more perfect to be installed on pool areas is that it can last long and is very durable. 

2. It’s easy to clean and maintain

Window film is resistant to water and scratch, making it easier to maintain and clean. Homeowners need to make sure that they utilise the proper cleaning agents to maintain the window film’s look and quality.

3. You’ll have privacy around the pool

While a transparent glass pool fence provides partition while allowing greenery to surround the pool, it’s not very good at providing privacy. A window film can help add a layer of privacy to your glass pool fence, so you won’t have to worry about nosy neighbours or prying eyes while you enjoy a good swim on a sunny day.

4. You’ll ensure safety

Glass doors and fences look great because of their transparency. However, this can also pose a risk, which is why proper window treatments are required.

The Australian Standards for glass and window safety requires glass areas at risk of dangers to having permanent glass protection. Adding frosted window film is an excellent way to comply with safety guidelines and building requirements. Of course, this also contributes to enhancing the landscape design of the pool area.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, window film is also hard-wearing and can last for a long time.



Window films can be added to your home exteriors, such as pools with glass fences and balconies with transparent balustrades. A glass pool fence can give a fantastic landscape design; however, it can also put you at risk for onlookers outside your property. Safety and security can also be factors to be taken into consideration. As mentioned before, adding window film can definitely help solve such issues without sacrificing your property’s aesthetic.

Are you looking for assistance with your glass pool fence? If you’re opting to add window film to your pool fence, contact Premier Tint today. With more than 20 years of stellar experience in window film applications, frosted window film, graphic design and others, we can assure you that we will be a high-quality provider. Contact us today to get started!

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