Why should you get your window tinted
Why should you get your window tinted

UV rays passing through untreated windows can cause a “hothouse” effect? Plain window glass lets a lot of direct sunlight through, and it can make your interiors warmer. This phenomenon can also damage carpets, curtains, and furnishings. The best way to solve this dilemma is to install window tint. Window tinting does not only give you more privacy, but it prevents radiation from entering your home. 

If you remain unconvinced about the benefits of window tinting, read on. This article will guide you on window tinting, its perks, and the costs. 


What is window tinting?

Window tinting is the application of a layer of film to your windows to partially block sunlight and hamper the visibility of the things inside. You can think of window tinting as sunglasses for windows. Thanks to innovations in technology, you may not even notice if a building has tinted windows. 

Additionally, window tint filters harmful UV light, protects your interior furnishings, reduces heat absorption, and improves privacy. There are different types of window tinting films to choose from:

  • Reflective films that keep the heat out
  • UV protective films that can be tinted or clear
  • Tinted films to reduce glare
  • Frosted window films to prevent others from seeing inside your home
  • Low emissivity or Low-E films for increased insulation 
  • Decorative window films in a variety of styles and colours
  • Security films designed to make glass shatter-resistant


Choosing the type of window tint depends on your needs. If you want people not to see anything inside your home, choose frosted window films. If you wish to reduce the heat in your home, then use reflective films.


How does window tinting work?

To better understand how window tinting works, you need to learn about Visible Light Transmission (VLT). VLT measures the amount of light that passes through a pane of glass. It is often expressed in percentages, so the higher is the rating, the more light that passes through. You need to aim for a 10–20% VLT to insulate and protect your home. 


How much does home window tinting cost per square metre?

The price for home window tinting can be between $50–$60 per square meter, Labour varies and this is normally based on reputation and quality of work – which is very important to have a good finish on the tint. Some of the factors that affect the price are the size and number of windows, type of film, accessibility of windows, and if you are replacing old tint. The shape of your windows may also play a role in the costs.

If you want, you can purchase pre-cut rolls of window tinting film and do it yourself, but this usually has poor results. It’s always better to ask experienced professionals. 


To wrap it up

Window tint is a good solution for preserving your furnishings and keeping your home cool. Instead of spending so much on a cooling system, have window tint installed. You can ask for quotes from several professionals before choosing one that fits your budget and works best. 

Are you looking for residential window tinting in Sydney? Premier tint has been the leader in window film applications, graphic design, and signage applications for years. Furthermore, Premier Tint is a proud member of WERS (The Australian Window Energy Rating Scheme), WFAANZ (The Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand), and The Property Council. Ask for quotes today!

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