How Commercial Window Frosting Can Impact Your Business Today

How Commercial Window Frosting Can Impact Your Business Today

Commercial window frosting is one way to strengthen the appearance of your business. It provides security to the space and makes it look less inviting to break inside. We’re going to show you how window frosting can help you keep your building safe and secure, as well as give you tips on how to apply commercial window frosting.


What is Window Frosting?

Window frosting is a thin, clear sheet of plastic that is applied over your window. It can be installed at a storefront or on a door. 

The window frosting is applied using a special spray that allows the plastic to adhere directly to your glass. This means you don’t have to worry about any glue marks being left behind.


How Window Frosting Can Help Your Business

While it might not be something you think about, the appearance of your business can have a considerable impact on how people view your company. If you have a storefront, you’re also considering how your building is going to be viewed from outside by people passing by.

Window frosting helps you accomplish several goals:


  • It prevents people from being able to see in to your business from outside, which can be distracting at the least.
  • It helps prevent vandalism, burglary and theft. 
  • It helps you prevent customers from being able to see inside of your business, which means you can prevent them from being able to see you working, which prevents any social awkwardness that may occur.


Window Frosting for a Work-From-Home Brand

If you work from home and want to give your home business a professional appearance, window frosting is a must. It helps keep your business private and secure.

Now you’re thinking, “Wait, if I use window frosting on my windows, I won’t be able to see outside!” This is true, but you can use the frosting strategically. 

By putting a frosting over your window that has a clear view of the outside world, you can stay connected to the outside world while still maintaining your privacy.


What to Know Before You Install Commercial Window Frosting

Window frosting is easy to apply, but it is also hard to remove from your glass once it is applied. It can’t be removed with heat or chemicals, so you should be sure you want it where you want it before applying it. 

That said, it is a very strong adhesive, so once it is applied, it isn’t going to peel off or come off on its own.

Window frosting can last up to two years, which is a really long time! Make sure you know before you apply it that you’re going to want it to stay on your window for quite a while. If you aren’t sure, consider applying it on a small window or a closet window where you can easily take it off if you change your mind later.


In a Nutshell

Window frosting is a great way to make your business look more professional and to help repel burglars and thieves. By putting window frosting on your window, you can prevent people from being able to see inside, which also makes it more difficult for people to peep and worse, break in.

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