Vehicle Wraps – A Great Means to Go About Advertising

Vehicle Wraps - A Great Means to Go About Advertising

Have you ever seen a vehicle (van, car or truck) wrapped in an advertisement? If yes, it’s probably crossed your mind to get those advertisements-called vehicles wraps-for your own small business. However, are they a worthy investment? 

in this blog, we’re going to through the basics of vehicle wraps and what makes them an ideal item to invest in.


The Vehicle Wrap: What Is It & What Does It Do?

A vehicle wrap is a digitally-printed mobile billboard. Professional graphic designers will work with you to craft your advertisement and then print it on vinyl. They will use images, text, and other graphics to make your wrap eye-catching. A wrap begins with designing your advertisement using graphics software. The designer will then print the vinyl film on your car.

There are two wrap styles to choose from: the full one, windows included, or the partial one. When a high-quality one is in place, it can last for anywhere from three to five years.


Marketing “Magic”

Many people will not have the concept of vehicle graphics come to mind when they think of advertising. Especially small businesses, who are likely cautious of where they spend their limited resources. However, there’s a lot of downright magic that can happen when it comes to marketing with vehicle wraps. Let’s look into some fast facts:

  • A vehicle wrap, just one, can bring in tens of thousands of impressions every day (around 30,000 to 80,000)/
  • Fleet vehicle advertising helps improve name recognition up to 15 times more than other forms of advertising media.
  • Mobile advertising reaches a higher number of consumers at a lower CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) than any other outdoor advertising channel out there.
  • Mobile advertising is the most efficient & most effective form of outdoor advertising. 


When it comes to prices and affordability, how much vinyl wraps cost depends on the size of the vehicle you plan to get covered. The average price range includes:

  • Designing the vinyl graphics
  • Installation by a professional
  • Printing services


It should be noted that vehicle wraps also help to alleviate funding that would have been spent on vehicle repainting, especially when there’s a fleet involved. They also protect your vehicle’s original paint job while giving the car, van or truck a new look. A common misconception is that vinyl car wraps are solely meant for companies with sizable vehicle fleets. In truth, there are also vans or trucks that can be rented out for company information to be advertised.

Another advantage of customizing cars/trucks/vans with vehicle wraps is that it won’t cause any damage to your vehicle if you decide to remove them. Professional removal won’t damage the paint or body.

Thanks to advancements in technology and the rise of the gig economy, many companies now offer wrap advertising services. Small businesses, in particular, will gain a lot of legitimacy when they take advantage of mobile advertisements.



Vehicle wraps are a fantastic means of advertising, especially for small businesses. Essentially, it’s a mobile billboard that’s digitally printed and goes on cars, trucks, vans and the like. It’s cost-efficient and incredibly effective.

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