The top Reasons why you Should Apply Window Tint to your Office

When you hear the word “tint,” you’ll probably think of cars. But while a tint is recognized as something that’s used to add aesthetic appeal and a level of privacy to a car, the same applies to offices and homes.

Window Tinting has been improving in technical advancements for decades now and the highest quality window film brands have spent millions of dollars on research and product development to gain an edge over each other.

As a customer, you will find that you are spoilt for choice in terms of brands, however only the leading brands offer the genuine benefits affiliated with a quality window film, Premier Tint only work with leading and reputable brand and the benefits you can enjoy include:


Enhanced appearance

Window Films and Tints simply have a more ascetic appeal to them when compared to a window or glass pane without a window tint, however, be aware of the fact cheap tint can peel and bubble easily as the adhesive used is low quality, in addition to this can have a colour tinge that is not neutral leaving a purple or dark blue colouring that is not very appealing at all.

Whether you’re a property manager looking to improve the facade of your building, or a business owner keen on having their office stand out, having your windows tinted will do the trick.

You should definitely consider doing so if you want to switch things up. If you looking to really improve the appearance of your office and draw some wanted attention decorative films, frosting, graphics and window decals are great options which at Premier Tint we also supply and install.


Increased security

Aside from making your office look great, tinted windows can also help enhance the security of your property, especially if you go with a dark shade of tint. Window Films are designed to have a tear resistance, the greater the tear resistance the harder it is to break, there are a range of safety and security films available to consumers and can be used in conjunction with solar control films. These types of films are not only used on embassies, diplomatic and military buildings, but they are also commonly used to help prevent intruders from being able to easily break a window and enter a place of business or a home.


Better privacy

Regardless of what floor your office is on, chances are there will still be a unit in the building across from yours whose occupants will be able to look into your windows. There is a wide range of options from allowing only 5% or light through to 90%. 5%VLT film will provide the best level of privacy, however, is normally priced higher to accommodate the additional layering in the film itself.

With buildings and offices, you are not limited like you are with motor vehicles if you want to eliminate any possibility of being able to look in during the day time, a 5% VLT film can easily be applied.


Increased efficiency and comfort

By putting a layer of tint on your office windows, you’ll also be able to control the lighting levels in your workplace. Too much natural light often manifests in the form of heat and glare on your computer screens. Standard tint options and shades help keep the intensity of the sun’s rays to a minimum, which will help optimise the temperature in your office and control the lighting levels to reduce glare. However, with the tint options available you can balance between natural light entering the building vs adding external one-way privacy.

The added benefit of the window tint and films capacity to optimise and help regulate temperature also has a positive impact on your HVAC, and has a positive buy back period which is one of the shortest in terms of HVAC cost reduction options.

Premier Tint have been installing Solar Control Window Films, Decorative and Safety and Security Films since 1981 and have built a reliable and trustworthy reputation in the Sydney, and across NSW. Contact our team today to find out how we can tailor a solution to improve your home or office.


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