3 Benefits of having Anti-Graffiti Films for Your Business

Grafitti and vandalism can be a genuine problem for business owners, property damage from graffiti and vandalism can be very costly. Hiring a professional graffiti remover is expensive and is labour intensive, it can be disruptive for your business partially if you have customers and or patrons coming and going.

in addition to this, if your glass is damaged via scratching and needs to be replaced, this can not only be expensive but also another major disruption to your day to day operation.

Any business owner and or operator that has been the victim of this can tell you that it’s not only inconvenient and unpredictable but also puts a great strain financially on the business.

Thanks to technology, this can be mitigated. New window films today can provide you with an anti-graffiti surface, protecting your building from the aftermath of any vandals. Here’s how they work:


Anti-Graffiti Films

Like a film you would use to cover a surface, anti-graffiti film shields your glass. This polyester film consists of many layers, protecting your window or mirrors from any form of graffiti a. They work as a sacrificial protective layer that essentially can be removed and if it is applied, it takes no time at all to remove and apply a new film and is highly cost-effective in comparison with alternative options.

Any etching or scratching will be absorbed by the film, with easy replacement of the film to preserve the pristine glass underneath. Different thicknesses of the film are accessible, offering various grades of shielding. In summary, anti-graffiti films are useful because replacing the film is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire glass panel.


The Benefits

 There are various benefits to using an anti-graffiti film, some of which may even surprise you. Here are the three most significant ones:


1 – They work in conjunction with other window films

Anti Graffiti films are transparent and applied to the exterior of a glass surface, being that most window tints and films are applied to the interior of the glass, anti-graffiti films will have little to no impact on the performance of the solar control window film.


2 – They Discourage further Vandalism

When left unchecked, graffiti can attract even more attackers to add their artwork onto your wall. If you have a storefront, it is vital that you act immediately if you see any graffiti. Because anti-graffiti film allows you to easily clean or replace the film, attackers will be discouraged to continue vandalizing your property. Keeping your property graffiti-free will drive any attackers away, knowing that their efforts will be futile.


3 – They Offer Ultra-Violet Light Protection

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? The nature of the multi-layered film allows it to block out up to 99 % of the harmful UV radiation from the sun. With less UV light penetrating into your store, your building will be significantly cooler too! Just remember that you’ll need to ask the installation company if the film you’ve selected has this benefit.

Are you dealing with local vandals or looking to prepare for any attack? Protect your windows with anti-graffiti film. Although it will cost some money in the short run, you will definitely be saving in the long run.

Premier Tint provides Anti Grafitti solutions for local government and businesses throughout Sydney, they are experts in window film solutions from safety and security, anti-graffiti, signage and solar control.

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