5 Features to Look out for When Buying Window Film for Your Home
5 Features to Look out for When Buying Window Film for Your Home

When you want to install window film on your windows, you can ask an expert or hire a professional film installer and let them choose the right product for your needs. However, it is also essential that you know what kind of product you are getting. Understanding the different types of window film can help you choose which one would best suit your particular needs. Not to mention, there are a lot of terms used in window tinting that you might not understand. To help you out, here’s a quick rundown on the types of film and their basic features.


Types of Window Films 

There are different types of films suited for different needs. Identify your needs and see which product is best for you.

Here are the three most common types of window film:


  • Decorative Window Film

If you want to achieve the look of stained or etched glass, you can get this as an alternative, and it’ll have more benefits to boot. Decorative films are meant to prevent up to 99 per cent of UV rays from entering your property. Also, unlike the traditional window films, these come with different colours or designs which can help improve the look of your interiors and exteriors.


  • Dual-Reflective Film

This film offers you privacy. Some people refer to this as theone-way mirror film because it has a reflective silver finish on the outside and a neutral finish on the inside. You can also get a lighter shade if you don’t want total coverage. Additionally, dual-reflective film has a high solar heat rejection.


  • Security Window Film

Unlike the first two, security window film serves an additional purpose. If you want to add a layer of security to your glass windows, this is the best option for you. It has a protective layer that prevents the glass from shattering when hit with force.


Five Basic Features of Window Films

When buying a window film, check on its label to see what it is intended for. To help you out, here are descriptions of some basic features:


1. Absorbance

The amount of heat and light retained or absorbed by the film before it passes through the room. When a film has a high absorption level, the glass will have a high temperature as well. For safety, ask recommendations from experts or manufacturers.


2. Emissivity

It contributes to the rejection of heat and glare. Emissivity is a measurement of a surface’s ability to emit infrared light or reflect radiation. For better insulation, get a window film with low emissivity as this rejects more heat and glare.


3. U-Value

U-value refers to how heat transfers through the surface. Window with low U-value has a better insulating capability, which makes it ideal for almost any type of climate, but most especially for cold climates.


4. Visible Light Transmission

As the name implies, this refers to the amount of visible light that passes through window film. The higher the visible light transmission, the higher the amount of natural light that passes through the window.


5. Glare Reduction

In contrast to visible light transmission, glare reduction lets light pass through the surface, but then it reduces the glare that comes in at a tolerable level. Higher glare reduction means higher protection from the harmful effects of sunlight.



When shopping for a window film, make sure that you get the right product. Ask for assistance from an expert, or research the types thoroughly on your own. Knowing the right terms is necessary as this helps you decide which one is best for your needs.

If you want to get a residential window tinting in Sydney, then contact us today to get a free quote. We have an array of window films available to serve your every need.

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