Window Tints vs Solar Screens – Which One for Energy Efficiency & Low Cost

Window Tints vs Solar Screens - Which One for Energy Efficiency & Low Cost

There are many reasons to install window films, tints, or screens for your home. Some of the major reason to do so is to achieve energy efficiency at home and reduce your monthly energy bills. Both can be attained by regulating the sun’s rays and heat that gets into your home and controlling the indoor temperature. When it comes to achieving this, you usually have the option to choose between solar screens and window tints.

The question is: which of these two is better? In this article, we will share with you more about the differences between solar screens and window tints to help you determine which option is better for your home’s needs:


1. Window tints

Home window tints make use of films that are directly installed on your windows. They are highly customised to the point that they can suit your home needs based on the tinting style and the opaque level you desire. The films that are applied are particularly engineered to ensure that they will last for as long as possible.

One major drawback of this option is that they aren’t easy to clean and require a sealant for protection against scratches and dullness. On the other hand, these films are great protection against storm damage and burglary as the film-installed windows do not easily shatter.

When it comes to solar protection, window tints can help protect your home from ultraviolet rays by up to 90 per cent while still maintaining visibility of the outdoors. They block the sun’s rays and glare, which regulates the heat inside your home. As a result, they can help reduce energy consumption and save up your monthly energy bills.


2. Solar screens

Solar screens are considered as special screens designed for sun control and are manufactured from a standard mesh. They make use of polyester weave with a heavy-duty PVC coating for an added layer of protection.

One major drawback of solar screens is that they are nearly almost opaque from the inside out (unless, of course, this is what you want to achieve). Also, they require a high level of maintenance and constant cleaning. Although they can be cost-effective initially, they will be costly in the long run due to constant maintenance procedures.

When it comes to solar protection, solar screens are an effective way to control the sun’s heat and glare by stopping them before they enter your space, blocking out the majority of light and even visibility. Because of this, they can help reduce your cooling costs, the load on your air conditioning, the glare and fading of home furnishings.



Both home window tints and solar screens are effective solutions for providing solar protection, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing energy use and costs. Your choice, however, will largely depend on other factors, such as their installation, cleaning, maintenance, design, style, and lifespan. You may also want to factor in the overall cost that includes the materials used and the installation service provided.

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