Common Concerns About the Installation of Window Tint
Common Concerns About the Installation of Window Tint

Whether it’s curtains, shades, or Venetian blinds, there are dozens of types of window coverings that you can use to keep the sun out. But did you know that tinting the glass panes of your windows are just as effective, if not better, at regulating the amount of light you want to enter a room? Window tint is a quick and flexible fix for almost any window size and style out there.

Have you got a room that’s getting too much afternoon sun? Are you unable to sleep in a bedroom without blackout curtains? Are the glass-walled conference rooms in your office not providing you with enough privacy? The good news is that you can control the ambient light in any room without having to install heavy drapery or motorized blinds!


What should I know before installing window tint?

  • Tints can complement your existing window dressings in terms of aesthetics, so make your choice accordingly.
  • Certain variants of window tint not only block out light but they can also absorb heat thus putting less work on your air conditioners to cool your spaces. Some tints offer added protection from harmful UV rays as well.
  • Frosting on glass partitions can also add privacy to a room without blocking out the view completely.
  • Based on the above, identify your needs and consult a supplier to measure your windows and give you a price estimate. Treatment cost will vary depending on your requirements.


How do I install tint on my windows?

We recommend consulting a professional who specializes in window tint installation. A professional can come to your site and should first measure and determine the size of tint to be cut. When you’ve decided on which application is appropriate for you, the material will be manufactured and prepared by the supplier off-site.

Once ready, a professional installer will clean the glass panes thoroughly. The tint’s adhesive backing is removed and delicately applied to the tint with a spray solution that is specially formulated to repel dust and dirt. Avoid exposing your windows to water for a curing period of about 30 days after.


How long will installation take?

Once the measurements have been finalised, the installation time will be computed based on the size of your windows and the complexity of the material you request. An average-sized home and basic tint instalment process typically takes a total of 10–15 working hours. Working time will need to be increased if you opt for thicker tints or multiple layers like UV blocking, for example.


What if I want to change them?  

If done correctly, tint removal is quick and easy. A spray solution is applied to the tinted areas to release the adhesives. A professional would then effortlessly separate the tint from the glass panes. After a thorough cleaning, a new window tint application process can begin. Except in cases of extreme or deliberate damage, window tint will hardly ever need to be replaced.



Tinting is a great solution for almost any window. The applications are countless and best of all, the installation process is simple.

Consult our team of experts at Premier Tint today to find out more about office or home window tinting services in Sydney! We’re happy to help.

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