5 Ways You Can Secure Your Home Without the Need for Alarms – Our Guide

5 Ways You Can Secure Your Home Without the Need for Alarms - Our Guide

Many homeowners install alarms in their homes to send alerts in case someone has broken into their property. This can be beneficial if there are people in your house the moment the break-in happens. But what happens when nobody is at home?

According to criminal justice experts, alarms do not make your home as safe as you might think. That is because many burglary cases happen when someone is not at home. According to them, it is still best to protect your home using common tactics. Here are five simple yet effective ways you can do that:


1. By keeping your doors and windows always locked

Start with the basics and ensure that your doors and windows are locked at night and when you are not at home. It may seem like a no-brainer, but according to crime statistics via safety.com, you should double-check the locks of your doors since 34 per cent of burglars enter properties through unlocked front doors, and 23 per cent of them enter through an open first-floor window.


2. By replacing faulty first-floor doors and windows

Another way burglars enter homes is through doors and windows that are broken or aged. These can make breaking in easier without much noise and further damage. To help you out, here are some tips on replacing your broken doors and windows:


For doors:

  • Invest indoor products with solid cores and frames that cannot be easily kicked in
  • Use a strong and high-quality strike plate with screws that are at least ¾ inches in length
  • Install a security bar or door barricade for additional safety


For windows:

  • Replace old windows with solid-framed and double-paned ones. These have the added benefit of being energy-efficient.


3. By installing motion-sensitive lighting

Although most burglaries happen in daylight, it is still important that you protect your home during the night. You can do so by installing motion-sensitive security lighting around your home. This security device does not only scare burglars with bright floodlighting but also alerts homeowners that someone is out in their front or backyard.



4. By keeping a lock and key inventory

Keeping an inventory may be time-consuming and unnecessary, but this will help you to track potential burglars when a break-in happens in your home.

Here are some items that you should include in your inventory:

  • List of people who you have given the code to your code-specific lock pad
  • List of trusted people who have duplicates of your home keys
  • List of locations where you have hidden your keys

Keeping a digital copy of your inventory would be a great help if you happen to lose your original one. Also, make sure to rekey your locks in case a burglar has broken into your home, or if your locks are damaged.


5. By installing a window film

Residential window tinting is a cheap and low-maintenance alternative home security system you can have. Whether you initially got them to reduce glare or add privacy in your home, window film can significantly increase your house’s security by blocking visibility from the outside. Burglars won’t take the risk of entering a property without knowing whether there is someone present in the house or not. Simply put, it discourages them from breaking in.

Another thing is that security window films prevent your windows or doors from shattering into pieces as they hold the glass together.



There are many simple ways you can protect your home from burglars. First, you need to ensure that your door and window locks are all working and in good condition. Installing motion-sensitive lighting will also help you in spotting potential burglars on your property. If you have multiple locks and duplicates given to trusted friends and relatives, it is best to keep an inventory to keep track of your keys. However, if you want cheap, low-maintenance yet effective home security, consider installing residential window tinting.

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