Keep Barking to a Minimum - How Window Film Can Help Calm Reactive Dogs
Keep Barking to a Minimum – How Window Film Can Help Calm Reactive Dogs

Dogs like to take up their role as a loud guardian of the house, making the most of their time as an endearing man’s best friend. While your furry companion tries to alert you of any signs of movement outside your home, the noise can be relentless and become stressful if left unchecked.

Letting your pooch get away with the behaviour will only make them feel like they are doing a good job, especially when all passers-by outside your house seem to be deterred by their barking.

Whether it’s barking incessantly at the mailman or going wild behind the windows when a person walks past your front street, homeowners are bound to feel at their wit’s end. While closing the blinds can be an option to cut off your pet’s view, those who still want to let the natural light bask the living room can find the solution by installing window films.


How Window Tints Can Improve Your Home and Help Your Dogs

Window films help obstruct your furbaby’s vision, keeping their line of sight away from a stimulus that can trigger their anxiety or excitement. With that in mind, here are ways opaque window tints can help give you peace and quiet without sacrificing your home’s lighting.


Benefit #1: Eases Your Dog’s Stress and Minimises Barking

As mentioned above, the reason your dog loves to wake everyone up in the neighborhood is when they get agitated by external factors – from seeing cyclists, mailman, delivery guys, cars whizzing by, or just strangers walking past your home.

By installing opaque window films, you can keep your dogs from seeing all the activity in the outside world, allowing them to relax in the comfort of your home.

Benefit #2: Allows Natural Light to Enter Your Home

Adding blackout curtains, shades, or blinds can be just as effective in blocking your dog’s view, but it’s not the best choice if you want more flexibility in terms of lighting. With window film, you can still welcome natural light to brighten your living room.

In addition to letting light bathe your space, it also ensures you still have a view of the great outdoors, especially in the mornings when you’re in the mood to chill by the window with your cup of joe.

After all, you can set the opaqueness to a higher intensity at the lower half of the window, so you can still look out the window. Of course, it may not be the best option for paw-parents with massive dogs.


Benefit #3: Add Curb Appeal to Your Home  

Adding window films can also benefit your home by boosting its curb appeal, especially since it comes with various decorative patterns. Finding the best one that complements your home’s style is sure to create a stunning look, making it stand out in your neighbourhood.


The Bottom Line: Keeping Trouble Out of Sight, Out of Mind For Your Dogs with Our Window Film 

Installing window films are one of the best choices that can offer both fashionable and functional benefits to your living space. Not only does it boost your privacy, mitigate heat, and enhance your home’s beauty, it can also help ease your reactive dog’s worries by keeping their line of sight blocked from seeing triggering stimulus.

If you’re looking for a professional window film service that offers residential tinting in Australia, we are your best option. Let us help you protect your home today!

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