What Is Casper Cloaking Film and Why Your Office Should Have It

What Is Casper Cloaking Film and Why Your Office Should Have It

Transparency in a corporate setting encourages success. When the company is transparent with its employees, they feel valued and trusted. In return, they are encouraged to stay creative and share their inputs without hesitancy.

Like everything else, setting a limit in any relationship is necessary. There are office spaces that want to stay open to their employees without sacrificing too much of their privacy. However, it has become a challenge, especially when it comes to office meeting rooms.

Some companies want to retain glass walls to save on energy costs, let in natural light, and stimulate better communication. However, not everything discussed in a meeting room must be shared with the rest of the people. Privacy is also a must, especially when talking about critical matters.

To create the perfect balance, window film developers introduced the Casper Cloaking Film.


What Is Casper Cloaking Film?

Casper Cloaking Film is a new technology designed to give solutions to your company’s privacy concerns. It’s a transparent film you put on your glass walls that will obscure any digital screens from becoming visible from the outside.

Casper Cloaking Film is your smart shield protecting your private presentations from being seen by people outside the meeting. It works by blocking a specific light wavelength from most LED and LCD screens. As a result, your screen appears black to the outsider’s view. It can block your TV screens, computer screens, and other monitors.

For employees joining the meeting, nothing will be different. They will still see the happenings outside the room’s glass walls, but for someone passing by while you are presenting, all they will see is a blank screen.

Because the design is clear and simple, it is the best film to use in modern office setups that want a clean, minimal, and functional look.


Why You Should Have One

1. Gives Protection

Information, such as financial data, private conversations, new business concepts, and passwords, should be kept within a select group of people. With the Casper Cloaking Film, you protect your private data from onlookers.

It is also your one solution for all. The Casper Cloaking Film shields all types of screens. No need to install a protector for each unit.

Also, shared workspaces are prevalent nowadays. For building and space owners, this special film can help increase your tenants’ confidence in organising meetings within your place.


2. Supports Transparency

While there is protection, transparency is still apparent with Casper Cloaking Film. There’s no need for you to install curtains, blinds, drapes, or papers to make your team look like hiding things away from other co-workers. You get to have a regular meeting without compromising sensitive data.


3. Provides Visual Aesthetics

With Casper Cloaking Film, there’s no need to sacrifice your office’s aesthetics. No need to install other films with crazy designs that might ruin the look of your office space.



Thanks to Casper Cloaking Film, your office can limit issues such as data breaches or information leaks. You get to maintain your office’s priority of transparency and privacy without sacrificing confidential information, and you get to preserve a good relationship with everyone you’re working with.

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