5 Tips on How to Make Your Window Logo Design Stand Out

5 Tips on How to Make Your Window Logo Design Stand Out

Over the years, the use of window logos has increased in popularity because of how it can help any business stand out. These window designs will also help boost your business, especially if your office is in a prime commercial location. The best logos for your windows are the ones that are simple, straightforward, yet unique and interesting. You don’t have to create bright and loud logos just to get noticed because, in a modern society, minimalism is the key.

In this article, we will share five practical tips on how to make your window logo design stand out:


1. Consider Your Competition

Before you design a window logo, be sure to check whether or not your competitors have the type of logo that you’re planning to use. Compare their logos to help you come up with ideas that will work best for your brand and, at the same time, overthrow the competition. Keep in mind not to copy anything, but only to use these as references or inspiration to make a unique window logo design that represents your brand clearly.


2. Keep It Simple

When it comes to window logos, keep in mind that less is actually more. Don’t go all out and bombard your windows with too much graphics and colours, because as much as this can be an eye-magnet, you won’t be able to convey your message well with a cluttered design. Stick to straightforward designs that will not make the windows look unorganised with plenty of design elements. The simpler it is, the easier it will be for passersby to get your message.


3. Make Sure People Can See It

It’s easy to put up a window logo design because it looks good, yet your plans should not end there when it comes to the design. You also need to consider how clearly people can see it at a specific distance. Do you want people to see it from four metres or ten metres away? At the same time, when designing your logo, you should consider the structures around you as well so that nothing will block your message.


4. Use Attractive Shapes

One effective way to make your logo stand out is to use shapes. These elements come with unique gradients and textures that can be used to enhance the appeal of your design. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes and incorporate them into your design; you’ll never know what you can come up with.


5. Consider the Colour Choices

Vibrant colours are not always the best idea when it comes to window logo design. You might be surprised at the amount of impact you can get by merely using neutral colours. One key aspect that you should remember is to choose colours that are consistent with your branding. This will help customers recognise you even if you change designs.



Coming up with an effective and professional window logo design takes much planning and work. What you need to remember is that your logo must be consistent with your brand, especially in the colours, shapes, patterns, and other design elements that you choose. At the same time, be sure to stick to simple designs that will make you stand out. If you do not have the knowledge to pull off this task well, you can always hire expert designers to help you come up with the best logo design for your office windows.

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