3 Types of Window Film Your Business Should Invest In

When you look at your commercial property and the parts that need to be protected the most, one component that you should be setting your eyes on is the set of windows on it.

One crucial development that many Sydney business owners tend to make is that they’re paying far less attention to their windows than they should, which can result in thousands of dollars ion potential damage.  Now that more companies are shifting their focus towards protecting their premises and investments, it’s clear that installing proper tinting work is a crucial investment that needs to be made.

Although many industry players are well-aware of the need to treat their windows with various measures to uphold their safety, there’s one question most companies still have in mind: What are the different types of window film I can use to protect my windows?


Types of window films worth investing in for businesses

Ever since the window treatment industry exploded thanks to the continuous efforts of manufacturers toward innovation and improvement, the list of choices has grown beyond expectation.

While it may be great to have a variety of options to choose from and enjoy, however, it’s vital to choose wisely because some options are better suited for fulfilling a business’s needs than others. Fortunately, there are specific options that are best suited for your commercial property depending on what you want to achieve or how much you’re willing to invest. Here are three options worth considering:


1. Security film 

Security window film is a type of window treatment that’s engineered and designed to provide any glass with a dependable level of reinforcement for 24/7 safety.

Primarily designed for proactive safety, this type of window film is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a solution that will prevent your windows from shattering in case of burglaries, vandalism, or natural disaster. Apart from being durable to take on any security-related need, security films can also be customised to become darker or lighter depending on your preferences!


2. Glare reduction film

Best suited for packed and busy offices with many windows, glare reduction films are a solution that any business in a particularly-sunny part of town can use.

Seeing that excessive amounts of glare can cause productivity downturns, headaches, and other problems in the workplace, it’s clear that cutting out excessive lighting is a necessity. Through the use of this window treatment, however, you can enjoy the benefits of generous sunlight without running into the compromises brought about by excess glare so that you save more time and money!


3. Anti-graffiti film

As isolated as it may seem, the threat of graffiti-related vandalism is one that can cost any business lots of money and scorn its image, especially if lewd messages or pictures are sprayed on its storefront.

Fortunately, anti-graffiti films are built to fight this problem by providing businesses with a quick, easy, and thorough solution. Through the help of this window treatment, you can cut out the damage from spray paints, pens, and markers by adding a layer of protection that goes on top of your windows and makes vandalism easy to clean off!



At this point, you now know that one investment that you should make when trying to protect your store from unwanted problems or threats is top-quality functional window films. At the same time, it also matters to make sure that you’re choosing the right options on the market. Keeping this guide in mind, you can spot which film best suits your needs, place your order, and enjoy the benefits that a top-notch treatment can offer your business!

We specialise in commercial window tinting in Sydney for businesses that care about the safety of their locations and premises. Whether you’re looking for window graphics, skylight tinting, or anti-graffiti film, give us a call today to see what products will best suit your needs!

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