Steps to Cleaning Your Home Window Tinting Properly – Our Guide

Steps to Cleaning Your Home Window Tinting Properly - Our Guide

The security of your home is essential to maintaining the peace and comfort of your daily living. When it comes to your windows, applying a window film can help improve your situation by protecting you from outside forces and natural elements that could harm your health.

Without the presence of a window tint, you could be affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun which causes severe skin damage including, sunburn, ageing, and skin cancer. That’s why part of investing in house window tinting is making sure it’s maintained regularly to keep it in good condition for the years to come. 

Keep reading below to find out how to extend the lifespan of your windows with installed films.


1. Inspect Your Water Source

 Before you begin cleaning your windows, it’s crucial to determine the source of your water system. If you live in a residential area that receives its supply coming from groundwater, your water may contain mineral particles that could impact your window tint film.

One way to solve your situation is by filtering the water you’ll be using to clean your windows. Choosing purified water is much safer because it won’t leave a mark on glass film. Otherwise, it will be challenging to try and get rid of droplet stains left by your water source.


2. Use a Mild Cleaning Solution

It would help if you learned to use the right kind of soap for cleaning your residential window tinting properly. Applying solutions with harsh chemicals can impact your windows and decrease the quality of your window film. 

Instead, you should choose to use a mild cleaning agent like dishwashing liquid that has been diluted in water to reduce its strength. You can use a spraying bottle as well, so you don’t put too much solution on your windows while spreading it with a soft cloth.   


3. Avoid Using Sponges and Scourers

 You should avoid utilising sponges and scouring pads to clean out your home window tinting. Even if you notice dirt marks on your window that can be tempting to scrub off, doing so can damage the glass. 

Rather, you can pour water over the affected area, spray a soft cleaning formula, and wipe it off with a gentle cloth. It might take some time to do, especially if the spots are persistent. All you have to do is repeat the process until you eradicate the stains.


4. Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

If you’ve only recently installed your home window tinting, it’s crucial to follow the recommended rules by keeping your windows covered and dry for the next seven days. Doing so will strengthen your window film and keep it from moving out of place or forming holes.

Once you’re allowed to clean your windows, it’s vital to perform gentle circular movements to avoid changing the position of the window tint if it still hasn’t been properly cured. You should apply medium pressure to eliminate dirt and dust stuck to your windows. 


5. Rinse Your Windows with Clean Water 

After going through the appropriate steps to cleaning your window tinting, it’s essential to use water one more time to rinse down your windows. It will guarantee the remains of dirt and soap that you might have overlooked are eliminated.

You can inspect your windows again to ensure it’s free from any remains of grime. When you know it’s safe, you can pour clean and filtered water over it and wipe it with a cloth made of cotton material or microfiber.



If you want to preserve your window tinting and extend its lifespan, it’s integral that you follow the steps above to ensure your cleaning methods are safe and right for your windows. For those who are too busy looking after their homes, you can always call a professional to manage the maintenance of your window tinting accordingly.

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