5 Tips When Designing Your Home or Office With Wall Art – Our Guide

5 Tips When Designing Your Home or Office With Wall Art - Our Guide

Whether it be your office or living room, your blank wall could use some art. Home and office wall art give your previously bland looking walls with a touch of personality. Regardless of personal style, available space, and budget, it’s possible to transform your blank walls into stylish centrepieces. 

To give you an idea, here are five design tips that you can use to elevate your home or office wall:


1. Make it match

If you already have existing wall art and a good theme going on, the best thing to do is to add matching decoration that doesn’t attract too much attention away from the whole piece. Look for home or office wall art that complements the existing set up instead of distracting one’s eyes from it. 


2. Make it big

Use an oversized wall graphic or photograph to command attention to a particular part of the room. Oversized wall art is great for minimalist designs because it gives an otherwise bland-looking wall with a definite focal point. 

We recommend using landscape art, such as a vast expanse of a colourful field or mountain range. You can also use a picture or painting that depicts the enormous blue ocean for a calming effect. Another good idea for oversized wall art is a close up picture of your child (if you have one), a loved one, or your favourite dog. 


3. Make it varied

The eye is drawn to contrasting colours, sizes, and textures. One way to bring beauty to a blank wall is to fill it with differing sizes of office wall art, paintings, photographs, and morethe more varied, the better! This will make your wall look like a gallery. Don’t be afraid of the clutter; that’s the whole point! 

To make the design cohesive, ensure that the rest of the room is sparsely populated. This allows your gallery wall some space to breathe. This also lets viewers take a break from the sensory overload that is your gallery wall.


4. Make it personal 

What better way to showcase your personality than to display art that means something to you personally? Anything that means something to you is better than the typical wall art you can buy at the department store. If you’re feeling creative, you can even hang your own art! Don’t worry; you need not be a classically-trained painter or a modern art icon to hang your art. After all, it’s your wall, so it’s your rules! 

A few professionally-made photographs of your vacation, a custom print of your favourite band, or even the stick figure drawing from your kid that you hung up on your refrigerator dooranything that made you smile is worth remembering and worth showing to the world.  


5. Make it functional

If photos, wall graphics, and painting isn’t your style, then you can use your walls in a practical but still aesthetically exciting way. If you regularly use your bike as your means of transportation, then hang it over your wall. If you play the guitar, then you can use a wall hanger to display your prized axe for everyone to see. Other hobbyist items that look good on the wall are knives, shoes, and tools—whichever you fancy can be hung up there. People who are into technology and computers even use their walls in place of computer cases. 

The only limit is your imagination—so let it run wild! 



Your blank walls need not be so empty anymore. A blank wall presents an opportunity to make a particular space truly your own. In trying to spruce up your blank wall, look for items that inspire or evoke a feeling deep inside you. This way, you’ll love looking at your wall every day!

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