Signs Your Window Film Is Deteriorating and How to Prevent It

Signs Your Window Film Is Deteriorating and How to Prevent It

Window films are advertised and built to last many years to provide drivers with a comfortable driving experience. Unfortunately, time takes its toll on everything, and even the most well-implemented and well-built window films will eventually deteriorate.

There are many factors other than the time that can accelerate the deterioration process, most notably sun exposure. This is because the heat starts to break down the dyes in the window film, causing it to change in colour. That said, let us talk about the signs that your window films are deteriorating, including what you can do to prevent it.


Signs of a deteriorating window film

There are many signs that your window film has started to deteriorate. 

 The first and most obvious sign is the colour. More specifically, the film will slowly turn purple. This is because the tints in the films are a combination of yellow, blue, and red dye. Compared to the other dyes, the yellow dye is much more susceptible to breaking down due to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. This leaves the red and blue dye to remain, causing the window film to look purple. 

The second sign that your window film has started or is already deteriorated is that it is starting to crack or peel from the glass. The cracks can form because the sun causes the film to become less flexible and more brittle. While that will not crack the film by itself, any movement in the windows, such as getting hit by an object, can cause the film to crack.

As for peeling, the glue that keeps the film attached to the windows is slowly broken down because of the heat from the sun. This leads to bubbles forming between the film and the window, pushing the film away and causing it to peel. In many cases, the peeling will happen at the corners of the film, so that is where you should first look.


Preventing the deterioration of window films

Note that fully preventing the deterioration process is impossible. Any window film is going to break down and need replacing eventually. Despite that, there are things you can do to slow down the process.

In many cases, a window film can typically last ten years or more. If you want to make sure it lasts even longer than that, then make sure it is professionally installed. With added care and effort, window films can easily last twenty years and more.

Additionally, ensuring that your vehicle is parked in the shade as often as possible can lengthen that lifespan even more since you eliminate the factor of sun exposure. This means parking in the garage, under the shade of a tree, or behind a building can go a long way in ensuring your window films last.



Window films are built to last, but they can last even longer with a little effort and care. As such, if you want to make sure the films on your car last as long as the vehicle itself, take the time to be proactive and give them the best care possible.

That said, the best thing you can do to ensure your car window tints will last long is to have them professionally installed in the first place. Pair that with quality window films, and you will be enjoying comfortable driving experiences for years to come.

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