3 Facts About Residential Window Film – Our Homeowners’ Guide

3 Facts About Residential Window Film - Our Homeowners’ Guide

Many new homeowners are often pressured to get residential window tinting by their construction companies and end up requesting this service even when they don’t know why it’s necessary. To avoid becoming like them and make the right decisions as you build a sustainable, cost-efficient, and comfortable home, you need to know the facts about window tinting. But what exactly are the long-term benefits and functionality of window films? 

This article will discuss three facts about window film solutions and their long-lasting implications on your living space. Take this as an opportunity to preserve your living space and prevent inconveniences. This way, you and your family can truly call your house a home and look after your property as a valuable asset. 


Fact #1: Most household furniture and electronic devices get damaged over time when exposed to intense sunlight. With residential window tinting, you block out the harmful ultraviolet rays.

You may already know about some home objects’ sensitivity to heat and sun rays, like your smartphone and certain antique furniture. However, what you may not be weary of is the invisible UV radiation that is not easily visible to the naked eye. So while you may have the urge to let natural light in, there could be instances when it damages your stuff. As such, it’s best to control your house’s exposure to heat and light. 

Residential window tinting is the best compromise to let natural light in as you keep out harsh UV rays and radiation. All you have to do is consult with your window film provider about the kind of film you want. There are also different decorative and privacy variants for your convenience. 


Fact #2: Constant exposure to harsh UV increases your risk of skin cancer and fatigue.

We all know that it’s good to have a healthy dose of sunlight since it’s rich in Vitamin D and dopamine receptors. So if you have either poorly-adhered window films or none at all, you and your family can easily soak up harmful UV rays, increasing your chances of skin cancer, sunburn, dehydration, and fatigue. The good news is the right window tinting can help you ensure everyone’s health and keep your wellbeing in check. 


Fact #3: Approximately 30 per cent of heating and cooling capabilities are lost due to untinted windows. In effect, you have to pay more for the electricity bill.

You may have already known about the energy-efficient quality of window tinting because of what you see in a typical office space. Most of them have tinted windows to keep their HVAC use maximised, enabling them to reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity. 

The same can be said about your home. For instance, you can set the thermostat to a favourable cooling temperature during the summer and expect you and your family to feel more comfortable since your living space is easier to cool. It means you don’t have to worry about the weather upsetting the conditions indoors, especially tinted windows with thick insulating qualities. 



You may not pay much attention to residential window tinting at first because of what you may have heard. You may have also been clueless about it. Fortunately, you now know the facts. All you have to do is ensure you contact the right professionals to help you. Get your windows tinted today!

Are you looking for high-quality residential window tinting solutions in Sydney? Contact us at Premier Tint. We have a wide selection of films for you to choose from, allowing you to make well-informed decisions for your home. Get your quote from us to make certain your spending is cost-effective and idealised for your lifestyle. 

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Premier Tint has a close partnership with The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) who provides a scientifically based, fair and credible rating system for the assessment of window film products for their energy efficiency performance. 


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