3 Common Home Window Tinting Myths You Need to Stop Believing

3 Common Home Window Tinting Myths You Need to Stop Believing

As a homeowner you are always going to be considering ways to maintain the life span of aspects of your home and make it a comfortable and safe place for your family. 

Window can often be overlooked as a area of focus beyond naturally brightening the corners of your home. They can play a significant part in either cooling down or insulating your home, letting in natural light and also providing a view. 

Windows and glass features can also provide some aspects you would want to mitigate, such as glare, UV that can cause furniture, paint and lacquer to fade and increase heating and cooling costs.

Window tint are a commonly utilised solution however there are a number of misconceptions about their uses and ability to mitigate the aforementioned issues. We address some of the common myths associated with having a window tint.  


Myth #1: Window films only work in the summer months 

It’s a common misconception that window films are only made for the heat. They’re only beneficial when the sun’s heat blazes through the windows, acting as a protective barrier. However, window films offer more than just that, as they’re also capable of regulating your interior’s temperature levels. 

You’ll be enjoying cost-effectiveness and comfort levels all year round, even in the freezing winters. Your chosen window tints will be able to retain generated heat, keeping your home nice and warm even during snowstorms. 


Myth #2: Window films can damage your windows 

Given the nature of window films, many homeowners simply assume that window films can end up damaging the integrity of their windows. However, the damage will only happen when improperly installed. 

You’ll want to seek the help of a skilled professional to get things right, ensuring that your windows stay safe underneath the new layers of tint. When it comes to reinstallment, you’ll find it easy to peel and your window panels untouched. 


Myth #3: Window tints will make everything look dark 

Although installing window tints can indeed make your spaces look a little bit darker, the effects are only slight. Contrary to popular belief, it will not lead to a dramatic change, and does not affect the aesthetics value of your windows. 

Past designs of window tinting may have led you to believe this myth, but newer versions now come with astounding features that do not make windows look difficult to see in. They remain clear, with only slight darkness in them—all to block out the heat and harmful rays of the sun. As a result, you enjoy the best of both worlds!


Enlist the Help of House Window Tinting Experts in Sydney

They may not seem like they hold much importance, but window tints take on a huge role in protecting your home. Not only do they help regulate interior temperatures, but they also keep your home private and comfortable, away from prying eyes and terrible utility bill costs.

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Premier Tint has a close partnership with The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) who provides a scientifically based, fair and credible rating system for the assessment of window film products for their energy efficiency performance. 


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