5 Reasons Why Tinting Your Skylights is Necessary
5 Reasons Why Tinting Your Skylights is Necessary

Applying tints to your skylight is a vital component of home decoration. The primary function of a skylight is to offer natural illumination within the residence while using less electricity. On the other hand, Skylights are more prone to glare and damage than any other windows in your home.

While skylights are magnificent natural light sources that can bring the outside in a while also helping to reduce energy expenses, it’s pointless to install if it’s getting in the way of things. Skylights can also expose your property to solar damage and continuous glare. Tinting is a low-cost solution to alleviate the annoyances connected with excessive sunlight streaming through your skylight. Furthermore, tinting is an excellent barrier against damaging UV radiation for both your family and your belongings.

1. Protect People from Harmful UV Rays

Along with natural light, the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays are hazardous. Prolonged exposure can lead to severe eye and skin damage. Therefore it’s vital to protect yourself, much more so when you’re indoors with a skylight. You might not realise how much sun you’re getting if you spend hours under a skylight.

When you place window film on a skylight, it will filter out 99.9 percent of the sun’s dangerous UV rays so that you won’t be overexposed. If you’re afraid that tinting your skylight will also block out natural light, transparent window coatings can provide the same UV protection. This ensures that you can enjoy the skylight’s design sans all the radiation.

2. Maintain Your Family’s Comfort

Large windows, such as skylights, tend to generate more heat within a space. Similarly, it doubles the chilly temperature throughout the winter months. Problems like these might result in excessive power bills due to irregular use of the air conditioner or heater.

Window tinting prevents solar heat from being trapped. It offers light without adding to the warmth, which can make a space uncomfortable at times. 

3. Shield Your Furniture from Sun Damage

If you’ve ever hung a picture in full daytime, you’ve probably seen how it faded with time. UV radiation can still severely alter your precious furniture even when passing through a glass pane.

With window tinting, you can keep the sun’s rays at bay while also keeping your most valuable furnishings at their best. Your house and décor are significant investments. Tinting is an excellent method to keep them safe.

4. Increase Curb Appeal

Aside from providing privacy, tinted, coloured, or mirrored window tint can alter the look of skylight glass. Skylight tinting may be very beneficial for commercial building owners who want to improve the overall appearance of an older office building. Skylight window film can be used as part of a façade re-imaging procedure to give a business building a facelift and increase curb appeal.

5. Improve Your Privacy

Though privacy is not as crucial with skylights as it is with windows, some skylights are in locations that might allow prying eyes to view your house or company. Window film comes in various shades, hues, and reflecting variants, enabling you to prevent persons on the outside from peeking in through an uncovered skylight. When the light outside is stronger than the light inside, a mirrored skylight film, for example, can provide a two-way mirror illusion. Nobody will be able to look in through the skylight throughout the day while the sun is shining.



Skylights provide a unique aesthetic to any space, emphasising the beauty of natural light indoors. If you want to continue having skylights while still assuring your family or employee’s wellbeing, tinting is the perfect solution.

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