Misconceptions About Skylight Window Film – What to Know

Misconceptions About Skylight Window Film - What to Know

A skylight can provide wonderful sights at night and let fresh air in. It can give your room better ventilation, allow natural lighting to come in, and save on energy costs. However, things might change when the summer comes in. When the sun is at its peak, the rays and heat can wreak relentless havoc on your room. Even if you have skylight blinds, they are not always enough to block the heat and light. In such cases, window tint might be the perfect solution. 

Window tint can provide your room with the protection that no ordinary blinds or curtains can provide. You can block the harmful sun rays while still bringing natural light, reducing glare and heat, and protecting your furniture from UV bleaching. Despite these advantages, there are still many things that people don’t believe about, and it is time to correct these myths. 

Here are some mistaken facts about window film you should not believe:


1: Installing Window Tint Can Void Your Windows’ Warranty.

The statement above is not entirely true. Usually, the glass’s warranty is separate from the window itself, and if you find the product that is compatible with your window and your installers know how to do their jobs, the process will not cause harm to your windows. 

There is also a workaround for this. If you badly want to have film installed on your skylight but do not want to void your window warranty, ask your window tint manufacturer or technician if their product warranty extends to the glass. 


2: There Is Not Much Difference Between the Various Window Films Available.

Window film can vary in price depending on the manufacturer and functions, so no two films are the same. Also, manufacturers carefully develop their technology to meet the diverse needs of every window. Some are even given the Energy Star for their capacity to save energy. There are even tints made to strengthen glass. Find out what your priorities for your windows are and choose the product accordingly.


3: The Manufacturer Does Not Matter

Some homeowners assume that the manufacturer does not matter so long as their window film has a warranty. However, not all warranties are equal. Before you buy, review the contract first and look for the following information:

  • What is the coverage of the warranty?
  • Who is responsible for the said warranty? Some warranties are limited to the company that installs the product. If that is the case, the contract is only applicable to installation concerns.
  • Are the installers from a reputable company and licensed to sell/install that product? Are they trustworthy and experienced?
  • Are there any liabilities charged on your end?


4: Window film Is Not Helpful on a Low E Glass or Dual Pane.

If you think this is true, perhaps you are not using the proper window film. If you have low e glass or dual pane windows at home, you can find window film specifically built for them. With suitable film, you can enhance the functionality of your low e glass.

This special glass requires unique film and installation processes. Besides, your film installer should not just give you any available materials they have. If they are professional enough, they should check if your windows and their recommended products are indeed compatible with each other. 



Window film is excellent for your skylight. Aside from the clean look it brings, it can make your environment more comfortable and your windows more durable. However, you need to find suitable material and install it properly to make the most of its capabilities. If you have a skylight at home, forget about these myths and see how a good window film can help you maximise your window.

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