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Solar Films

3M provide excellent heat rejection and day time privacy with their solar film options. With added benefits of UV protection and glare reduction, their colour stability is guaranteed.

Safety & Security 

Films provided by 3M for additional safety & security are great for both internal and external application for additional protection. These films hold shattered glass together in the event of glass breakage to provide a safer environment.


3M has a selection of monomeric films to provide printing solutions for a variety of applications. From vinyl lettering, decals and signage, the durability and quality of these films is incredible.


The range of architectural finishes provided by DI-NOC is second to none. The extensive variety of options from marble, wood grain, fibres and metals, the possibilities are endless. Get an expensive looking finish for a fraction of the price. Changing the aesthetic of a room has never been easier with the DI-NOC durability and capabilities,


With the added benefits of UV protection, 3M provide an Anti-graffiti film in 2 thicknesses for protection from most scratches, gouging and tagging. These films allow easy removal of graffiti for a clean looking environment in commercial environments.


The extensive range of Fasara films includes various patterns, transparencies and designs for all types of graphics solutions. These films are slightly more costly however, provide high class graphics solutions straight out of Japan. These architectural designs incorporate aesthetic glass solutions for both residential and commercial applications,

Film Types



Prestige Exterior


Night Vision




Low E

Prestige 40

Prestige 70

Thinsulate CC75

NightVision 15

NightVision 25

NightVision 35

Ultra S800

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