Don’t Look – How You Can Create Privacy Using Window Films

Don't Look - How You Can Create Privacy Using Window Films

Glass is a great design element to make a home look modern, bright, and spacious. Aside from that, glass allows more natural light to enter. It can make your home look lively and gorgeous, which means you don’t need to open the lights often, lowering your electricity bill significantly.

Although there are many advantages to having a home with huge glass windows and doors, they also present a big issue—privacy. Some rooms require more privacy but can benefit from the natural light that large glass windows bring. One such room is your bathroom.

How can you marry the advantages of glass windows without sacrificing your bathroom’s privacy? The solution is home window tinting.


Residential Window Tinting Solutions

Window tinting is the process of applying films to your home windows to allow the natural light in while shutting out prying eyes. Many types of window films are available in the market today. Some of the best options for your bathroom windows include:


One-Way Mirror Films

As the name implies, one-way mirror films make one side of the window reflective while the other side remains clear. These films allow people to observe events without being detected. This is why they are popular in interrogation rooms and suspect line-up rooms.


  • Protects people in the bathroom
  • Still lets light in the room
  • Allows people to have a view of the outside without being seen
  • Blocks UV rays


  • Does not offer the same level of privacy at night with bathroom lights on


Window Frosting Films

When you apply them, frosted window films give windows a cloudy look. They are great for double-pane windows that face awkward areas in the property.


  • Blurs views inside the house
  • Blocks ultraviolet rays
  • Allows an ample amount of natural light in the room
  • Keeps privacy during day and night


  • Offers a cloudy view of the landscape outside


Dark Tint Films

One of the less popular options, dark tint films, are used to darken car windshields and windows. These films block most of the view while allowing some light into the bathroom. These are best used in bathrooms facing high-traffic areas.


  • Provides privacy for day and night
  • Blocks UV light


  • Darkens view of the outside landscape
  • Reduces the amount of natural light entering the room


Patterned Films

Patterned window films come in a variety of designs. Some have frosted elements, while others block the view from the outside with intricate and closely spaced patterns.


  • Allows more light to enter the bathroom
  • Has a decorative element to it
  • Shields UV light partially


  • Blocks outside view as well


Coloured Films

Coloured window films give off a stained glass effect while obstructing the view from outside. They are great for adding a decorative element to your need for privacy.


  • Has different film types that range from coloured yet clear to solid-coloured films
  • Adds whimsy design to your window while blocking views
  • Blocks ultraviolet light


  • Alters the quality of natural light that enters the room
  • May blur or block outside view depending on film type


Privacy Films

Unlike dark tint films, privacy films are not all dark-coloured. They have translucent and whiteout types that completely block out views without using dark-coloured films.


  • Gives complete privacy to bathroom user
  • Functions well from day to night
  • Blocks most, if not all, UV light


  • Obscures all outside view
  • Significantly reduces natural light from entering depending on film type used



Aesthetics and the desire for natural light must not compromise a room’s, especially a bathroom’s, privacy. But if you want to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and privacy, home window tinting is the solution for you.

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